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  • mquinn ·
    Flip, do you still have 66 fairlane parts? Looks like you did back in 2011 - then I saw people asking in 2013... Thanks.
    Ryan73FordF100 ·
    Ok thanks I will have to look into that. I was planning on putting a electronic fan on already. Do u think I should port and polish the heads?
    Ryan73FordF100 ·
    Hi I am new to this site. I am rebuilding a 390Fe for my 73 F100 4x4 to tow with. Here is what I am doing to it. The block is being bored out 20 thou, the block is getting decked, putting in a pro comp cam that performs between 3000 & 5000 rpm, double roller timing chain, wanted to go with file fit rings but I'm going with good Molly rings because of my budget. Crank is getting ground and balanced, rods are being balanced, pistons are being balanced. High volume oil pump, the heads are the truck heads with the smaller ports the heads have been fully redone, I'm using the stock 2 barrel intake, new motorcraft carb, motorcraft electronic ignition. I want to put the flame thrower 2 coil and ignition on it. The whole engine will be balanced.
    Should I port and polish the heads?
    Should I put headers on it and what type?
    Anything you guys can help me with I would appreciate it. Any ideas on things I can do to make it better or on anything I left out. Thanks.
    mddyatv ·
    Hey I am back in town and was wondering if you still had that 66 ? I could really use some parts. anyway let me know.
    mddyatv ·
    Hey its Paul, the parts I am really looking for are trunk lid, also the peice that is between the tail lights. rear quarter panels, trunk pan, if its a fast back then the rear window frame not the chrome and I am also looking for all 5 pieces of the hood lip chrome three on the hood itself and the two eyebrows. Oh sorry if I dont reply right back internet is slow or not existant over here..

    Thanks Paul
    Flip ·
    I think I have those, i"ll have to check.

    I've ripped my whole heater out so I'm sure it's in there someplace.
    DeeCees66 ·
    No not the fresh air vent cables, it's the cable for the heater control. Seems like there are three of them (maybe just two), I need the shortest one about 10-12 inches long.
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