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  • shush10 ·
    1971 mach1 part2
    i sold the mach1, bought a firebird and have been grieving ever since. and that was 40yrs ago!!! nothing will ever replace that car. i had the hottest car in town. is that not amazing. and i had a heavy foot and get out of my way, cause i got it under the hood!!! so much fun!
    my question to you is: do you think your father told you the engine had blown, to keep you safe, so you wouldnt drive it until you were more mature? too personal if you dont want to answer, but i wouldnt put it past a father to want to protect his son. interesting thought. just enjoy that car. you are a very fortunate fellow. gal in nc -shush10
    P.S. shush was my fathers pet name for me...i thought it was an endearment but now that i think about it he probably just wanted me to be quiet!
    shush10 ·
    about your 1971 mach1 mustang. part1
    hi, i found your thread just doing general google searches, because of my love for this model car. the one and only as far as i am concerned. anyway, i followed your progress on your car as a guest to this site, and had to register, to talk to you.
    i have to say, you are to be commended. marvelous restoration. you have to be the proudest person alive, even to touch the handle and open the door!!! i wanted to also tell you, i had a '71 mach1. mine was beautiful forest green. not fancy at all, but it was an automatic but no air-conditioning. in n.c. you die from the humidity in the summer. but i didnt care. i will forever love that car. stupid me, so young and nieve but very happy with my mach1. one day, my dad says, dont you think its time you get another car? and i said, oh... okay! i did whatever my father said.
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