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  • 347PintoFozzy ·
    Hello Greg,
    Any chance you still have the instructions of C4 rollerizing available that you could email to me at [email protected]?

    I have my trans ticket but now just tinker on them for fun and work for the navy here in Canada, mostly on submarines.
    I've got the trans out of my little V8 Pinto to freshen it up, finally doing a trans for myself. I knew it needed some love, at light throttle it had a 2-3 flare, at higher throttle it shifted pretty crisp. I've got a bunch of th350 torringtons and a lathe at home and was thinking about machining this up to fit them in and get rid of some of the thrust washers.

    Do you still drill the holes around the direct drum to help let the oil escape?

    Thank you Greg,
    captndiet ·

    Is it possible to get you to send me the roller instructions.

    I have ordered the #9 kit and other parts from Broader Performance, but could not find the other instructions.

    Thanks for your time.


    [email protected]
    Paul Adomaitis ·
    Hi Gregaust.
    I see various posts about Rollerizing the C4 transmission. I am particularly interested in how the #9 was done. If possible could You send Me the info on the particular process. I've seen that You have sent it out in the past, but apparently the posts are old enough where the links are no longer good. My email address is [email protected] Thank You.
    Jean Compain ·
    Hello I'm french . I must mount a friction drive performance kit ford C4 1971.
    I rebuilt Ford C4 8 boxes for friends .with standard friction. no problem .
    I aujourduis problem with reverse clutch. 5 friction performance steel + 1 pressure plate + 1 snap ring pressur .there are totally blocked.
    I look for internet information and proffessional! nobody understands my problem.
    for me is the pressure plate, it is too thick.
    I can send pictures for you. thank you for your aide.jean
    my mail> [email protected]
    tminus3 ·
    Hi Greg,

    Hoe is life in Australia? I've got a C4 question I hope you might be able to answer.

    I recently sold a rebuilt C4 that went into a '70 Mercury Montego, which sees a lot a city driving. The owner complained the new c4 wouldn't shift back to 2nd after slowing down, as quick/soon as his old tranny did. Since the tranny sat on my shelf for a while, I rebuild the VB off his old c4, in case there was a sticky valve.
    With his old VB the shift behavior did not improve. So now I'm wondering why his old c4 shifted back to 2nd noticeably earlier and under lighter load.

    I did discard a checkball in the lower half of the valvebody/channel casting, as per Transgo instructions (Transgo C4 valvebody ID pdf). Could this influence 3-2 shift behavior?

    Marc Geenen

    Ps, shaved almost 3 seconds of my laptime on Zandvoort after installing adjustable QA1 shocks on my '67 fastback:
    1965 ·
    Installing a V8/automatic for highway use.
    MPG is desired, but reliability is required.

    I have a 1967 Galaxie C4 ready for this install, but now
    I have a 1983 C5 from a 200 inch, straight 6 cylinder, 1983 small Mercury.
    Also have a C5 Ford bell housing case mount to a 302 V8, not the transmission, nothing but the bell housing!
    Engine is a 1986 302 inch HO which will be fitted with a 600 cfm carburetor!

    1.) Which should I install, C4 vs C5?

    2.) Would a V8 C5 Convertor Housing bolt up, and then what will need to be done with the six-cylinder transmission clutches?

    3.) Could more plates/discs be added…like a V8 transmission might have?

    The car is a 1965 Falcon with Maverick 8 inch axle, ratio is 2.79.
    69zbfairlane ·
    hey greg hows it going mate hows the ute coming along?? As usaul I have a qeastion for ya mate will a c6 go into 67=69 falcons and fairlanes and if so what has to be done? I have got hold of a very strong 3000rpm stally and stage 2 shift kit auto and want to put it in my beasty as the old c4 is getting a bit tired,the box came out of a zd is there a difference between the c6s out of f100 and say a sedan? the c6 is 3 inchses longer than the c4 and my car only has 2 mounting points for the crossmember,but the zd the box came out of had 3 evenly spaced holes,but there isnt a 3 inch difference between the first and 3rd hole on the zd? any thought or info or ideas would be awesome....thanks.....mick
    tookerham ·
    Greg...I would appreciate a copy of your C-4 roller mods, as I am in the process of freshening and upgrading my tranny......and have an available machine shop or two. Thanking you for your info.
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