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  • Gydyup ·
    BTW, ducks this year are sucking. JUST now starting to see the woodies go away, but the ring necks and mallards are starting to show up. Still hadnt killed that deer this year though. In North Carolina, if its a deer, its fair game. No restrictions on doe etc.
    Gydyup ·
    Baby on the way, thats what made me get off the pot and buy this heap. I knew if I didnt get it then, I would never have the time or money. Actually I wound up buying it when my youngest was weeks old, and I had just had the wife mandated V. I went to look at it with my boys in a guaze ball. Body work sucks. I am still rubbing on the fender patch panel, while fitting the GT/CS deck lid and caps. The caps and deck lid are actually going pretty well. Some spots will need build up but thats ok.
    The hunting your doing is fine, I got two blinds and still spend a lot of time standing in water along the banks, you just go where they are. You ever see the duck boat I built? That was a fun project, pushed the car back a few months and few thou though. Keep it up, betwn you, FE, Dennis and Hottarod, were all going down the same path. To financial ruin!
    montybrown ·
    I have a place right off the mississipi river, and Carlie IL. that is a conservation managed place that they flood the fields, but you have to walk in and stand in the water all day...lots of ducks but its alot of work...gping to try and get a blind draw on the river next was way to warm for us
    montybrown ·
    I got a baby on the way so I need to get this fastback done by August! I pretty much have everything bought just trying to get through body work......been working a **** load also.....I love following your build and hottrod's also.....glad to see you back and keep up the good work!!!
    tebby ·
    Did you make your own plates to put in....if so what was the thickness etc.
    is it better to just buy them with a template


    66 GTA conv 390
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