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  1. slight water in oil

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    Well I think that will do it. Thanks for all the information.
  2. slight water in oil

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    I don't want to change my head gaskets if not needed. Could it be something else? It seems there would be more water and more of a problem if it was a head gasket. Does anyone know? Could someone please help? <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: hancadam on 12/22/03 3:51am ]</font>
  3. slight water in oil

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    The oil is mostly normal brown with just a small amount of milky streaks on the dipstick. No it has not sat any.
  4. slight water in oil

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    I have been getting a little water in my oil. I is always high up on the dipstick. Whenever I fisrt pull it out there will be alot on it. Then when I wipe it off and try checking the oil again there is very little or none. I drainded my oil and didn't see anything. Filled it back up and still...