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  • Dave ·
    I have a 62 Ford wagon that I'm working on soon, at least when
    it gets here, I'm looking at thr 4r install like yours, btw good write
    up on the install. One questions is the shift pointer, why is it good
    facing down, does that have to do with which type of shifter you use
    column or floor.
    6T4 Bolt ·
    Hello, Great article on the explorer rear from back in 2011 ... what size tire & what offset wheel did you end up with. If you mentioned it I must have not paid attention.
    I'm in the mix of collecting these parts for my '64 sedan now.

    Paul aka/ 6T4 Bolt
    iwantmore ·
    Thanks Jim. I have a 1966 289 with a mild Lunatti cam and small AFR heads. Single 3" exhaust and 570 to 670 carb depending on what I am doing. 4.11 gears and the Precision converter help alot. It is an easy 20 MPG hyway car with the 4r70.
    Jim Marrs ·
    I love your car and I appreciate the posts you have made about it. I've used several of your tips and advice working on my 65 Fairlane. What motor and upgrades are you running? I watched your burn out video and would like my car to be able to do the same, and still be able to pass the occasional gas station.
    Thanks again for the posts!
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