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  • 64 Comet ·
    Hi Juan,
    I am really interested in the 2091 kit for my 64 Comet and noticed you purchased it. Can you please tell me your thoughts on the kit. A family friend thinks that with this kit I will have no vacuum and the bottom end will be sluggish. I would love to know your thoughts. How is take off from a dead stop? Is it sluggish until higher RPM's? I noticed in a thread you said it is really drivable. How is street and highway driving? This will not be a drag car, just street and shows. Sorry for so many questions but hearing from someone with experience with the kit is invaluable!

    Here is what my setup will be:
    - C4 Auto trans
    - 302 .40 over
    - Will be purchasing a stall kit (2800 roughly)
    - 3.55 gear in 8" rear

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much!
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