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  • Gydyup ·
    I hunt Northern NC, inland. Three woodies and two geese all year. I think I missed three ducks I should have had. Stinks, worst year in three years. I hear they are slaying them over on the outer banks. Used to hunt over there, but you have to have been willed those blinds lots. Sad thing, we had three blinds on Currituck sound, my old man forgot to renew the permits while I was overseas and we lost the blinds. I have 250 acrs with a couple lakes on it, lots of swamp. It makes it interesting.
    roger ·
    Monty - I actually found a local convertor co. that asked to look at my factory convertor before buying another one, luckily they could modify my new factory one to a 2800 stall, now that said, just got the new motor back from builder(#2!) & having headers modded to fit, so ,does it work? I won;t know hopefully before the snow flies! I ended up buying a KRC p.steering pump that comes with a very cool mounting set up & also using a simple Moroso Alt, mount, so i;m all good other than getting my damn motor running!
    roger ·
    Monty havin trouble sending to you
    U still have the pulleys, the p.steering pulley may not work as i;m running a KRC pump, but, they do make one
    let me know 1- if you still have em
    2- what your asking for them
    3- you can figure shipping to me or i can if i know your address
    mine is
    Roger Powell
    6 cleverdon Blvd
    Mt.albert, Ontario, Canada
    L0G 1M0
    cheers monty
    Gydyup ·
    Baby on the way! Been there, one of the reasons I bought this car, when the kids came I realized it was now or never. Ironically, the day I looked at it, my oldest was 14 months, my youngest a new born and I was just getting out from my Vasectomy. 8 yrs later, I am finally tearing it apart and doing what I set out to do. I enjoy keeping up with your build, things will slow you down, I do not have a date set to finish. Purposely did that to avoid frustration and stress. I will get it when I get it. The boat I built had a definate finish date, and it turned into a stressful thrash. Want to avoid that with the car. Thanks for keeping up man. Chris
    Gydyup ·
    Hey Monty, been boat building, boat engine re building, and hunting every chance I get. Back on the car now, finalizing the eng mock up with the new mounts, then sending the block to the shop, ordered my front suspension kit last night. Needed some time to re jazz myself and hunt. How you doing, Merry Christmas. Chris
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