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  • northerndave ·
    Hi Steve.

    I believe we used Dearborn classics for the interior on that car. They have "super saver kits"

    I don't remember any problems with the carpet on that car, I think it went as planned. The XL cars for 64 have a little wall between the seat bottom and the floor. I can't remember what they call it but it's vinyl that should match your seat and side panel color.

    The mylar chrome trim beading on the dearborn panels is not good. It wasn't for me anyways.

    You have to roll the panel tops over the original formed metal uppers and that chrome doesn't like to bend. The chrome layer separates from the plastic bead.
    462ho ·
    Looking back at the progress of the amazing red Galaxie, I noticed the carpet installation.
    Did you get your carpet from Macs/Ecklers, and how was the quality?
    I am not sure what mfr. they use. I am redoing the interior in my 64 gal, and trying to get supplies lined up.
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