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  1. 83 Foxbody 460

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    Why the F do you need it?
  2. TDC indicator on a 302

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    I have a 74 block and a 5.0 block and they are both on the passenger side. That pointer Fe showed must be for a different year or vehicle.
  3. 66\' 6cyl w/headers... Is the port piece important?

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    me 2.
  4. 64 Comet Turn Signal Upgrade

    Falcon Pages
    Pretty neat, I like that. Good mod.
  5. 1957 hubcap

    Fairlane Pages
    To show condition of two?? maybe
  6. Early falcon steering box

    Falcon Pages
    Where did you come up with that? You have to remember that the factory changed the steering on V8 Falcons Jun 10, 1964. Also in 1967 the early Mustangs had the long shaft.
  7. Early falcon steering box

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    64 had a 1-1/8 inch sector shaft. Late 64 and 65 had 1 inch. Late 67 Mustang had a short shaft and was 1-1/8 inch sector shaft. I had one in my 64 for a while before the rack and pinion.
  8. my first falcon

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    Going to be pretty.
  9. BBQ LIST--- If you don't see it on the list- BRING it :)

    The Garage
    I don't see any sweet corn or pork n beans on your list. What's a picnic without those? No pies either.
  10. To Grease Or Not To Grease???

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    I won't, because I have an extra steel retainer I bought a few years back.
  11. engine wont stay running

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    No, I actually like Danh, but I think he doesn't like to be liked.
  12. Need Help On Drip Rail Chrome Removal

    Falcon Pages
    Glenn, would you please make a second tool and mail it to me?
  13. Front ratcheting points

    Falcon Pages
    Front at the bumper bracket mounts. There should be tie down eyes on the rear bumper mounts. if someone didn't remove them.
  14. Spindle pitting?

    Falcon Pages
    X7, if not in the bearing area, no problem. Like Kultz said.
  15. 82 302 engine

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    Yea, I was born in 77 and 67, and 57 and 47, and 97 and 2007 and who knows.