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    These guys just don't get it. The passages and bearing clearances are the restriction. No matter how big the pump is it still is limited by the restrictions. When the oil is hot , it would be common to see 25-30 PSI at idle. "IF" the pressure didn't rise with rpm , the pump volume would be too small for the restriction / bearing clearances . But since it does rise with rpm , it shows that the pump IS pushing more oil than the engine "needs" which shows up as "pressure" ( or back pressure) on the gauge. A high pressure pump is WAY easier on distributor gears and drives that a 25% larger , high volume pump. These guys haven't even begun to think about "cover flex" with hi volume pumps. Ford testing in the late '60s found a 5-8 psi improvement by simply adding another stock pump cover to the one already there. 289-302s have a great oiling system that doesn't need "tricks" to make it reliable . Your engine will be trouble free.
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