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  • SkapeGote ·
    Thank you so much for your help. This will be a long term project, but I prefer to gather info early so I can define a budget.

    mustangboy ·
    Thanks for the kind words Steve..Happy to help when I can..I bought the rotating asssembly from Performance Improvements..Scat was having a sale and I got a pretty good deal on it.I initially had the shortblock assembled by Ajax Engines..As soon as I fired the engine it had a nasty oil leak at the rear main seal.. Upon removing the rear main cap I found the crank pretty badly scored by something that went through the oiling system..At that point I decided to take the engine to Dsousa's in Milton..Joe treated my very well and upon disassembly they discovered the rear journal on the crank was undersized and that's why it was leaking..I guess Ajax Engines never bothered to measure it..Anyway the engine is running great and no more leaks..Not sure who would be close to you in London but I would definetely recommend Joe D'sousa..I am sure he can do everything you need.
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