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  • spork1o1 ·
    I have seen that you posted many times about Galaxie frames. you stated that 65-68 are direct swap and 69-78 same but longer side beams. I have a 67 Galaxie and found a 73 ltd with a good frame. I do not have a problem shortening the 73 frame my problem is that the front of the frame rails that the bumper bolts to is different

    lisagk ·
    I have a 1979 Ford F150 1/2 ton P/U XLT, 4WD 6.6L 2BL OHV 8cyl that I'm trying to put A/C back in. The truck had factory air, but the evaporator is the only original part in this setup (along with the controls inside the cab on the dashboard).

    The new compressor is working. All the pressures look good (the low side is around 35 to 40). But we're finding that the air out of the vents is only dropping 20 degrees max. We've checked to see if the blend door was not working and it was getting heat from the heater core. We blocked off the heater core completely with the same results. It just doesn't seem to be getting cool enough. The large fittings on the firewall should be cold (maybe 40 degrees), but it's only cooling to about 79 degrees, about a 15 degree drop.

    We cannot see into the evaporator box to see if there is an expansion valve in the system, but we did not put an expansion valve in with the new system we put on.

    Any advice appreciated!

    Houston, TX
    Tex ·
    Probably be easier to order a later model 460 4-bolt harmonic balancer than it would be to find an early 460 pulley. If you still have the original 3-bolt balancer, it's likely in need of replacement anyway as the rubber deteriorates over the years.
    btsave ·
    Hi! Saw that you had some experience installing A/C in gals. I have a 63 conv gal, with a transplanted 460. trying to install a vintage air system, but the supplied lower crank pulley provided is a 4 bolt. Mine requires a 3 bolt... looked on line, junk yards, etc... but no luck... suggestions? thanks! bart in florida
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