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  • odd ball ·
    Hey bro, we posted a few years ago about 17's on a fairlane, I was revisiting that post and clicked the link on your sig. What tire combo are you running in back? It looks Real meaty. Did you relocate the springs? Can you please tell me what's going on back there? Looks sick! Thanks.
    fordguy66 ·
    Hi' my name is Curtis and I saw a picture of your car on google like 3 or 4 years ago and it immediately became the best thing ive ever laid eyes on. Since then I convinced my dad to get a 68 fairlane 500 4 door (his first car was a 69 4 door). Anyways I had a couple questions. First, how did you get tires that big under the back? Looks great but doesnt seem like there is much room, at least on my dads. And second what is done to give it that stance? I know you said you lowered the front 1 inch but is that all? Great car though!
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