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  1. I got a lead, need some advice

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    Flip: Believe it or not it has been confirmed a Boss engine via block code. The trans is now my main concern due to legnth I may or may not need a new drive-shaft. I didn't check it, I was told that it was an auto. But I know no Boss engines were mated to anything but a manual. I couldn't tell...
  2. I got a lead, need some advice

    Ranchero Pages
    I had the numbers wrong, I'm a former GM guy. I'm still not used to the engine designations. In my previous post I corrected myself, but am still trying to find out that since we're talking a 351C (cobra jet) and a 351w (Boss) block if the mounts and drive shaft will be compatible. If they are...
  3. I got a lead, need some advice

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    Okay, I talked to the owner again, and I was completely off. The car is a 1973 Ranchero GT that had a 351C V4 cobra jet mated to a C6 transmission. After researching the Boss engine, I discovered that a 302 Boss is really a 351 Windsor block with Cleveland heads on it. So the mounts should mate...
  4. I got a lead, need some advice

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    Hey guys'n'gals I got a lead on a 73 Chero, it's a q code car that the engine and trans have ben removed from less than 3 months ago. Prior to that the owner used it to drive to work a few times. It had a 426 cobra jet with an auto that went into his 39 Mercury. In addition to that I have...
  5. Ranchero Hard Cover (tonneau)

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    Has anyone tried these guys? Ford Tonneau Covers
  6. Looking for a 72 Ranchero

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    Hey all, I'm looking for a decent driver / project. I would love a 72, but any from the Torino years would work. The condition isn't a big deal. Here is what I would like. Engine - Doesn't matter what type, just as long as it runs well. Trans - An auto please, but the right car would nix...