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  • walkereod ·
    Hey wingnut, I'm building a 66 Galaxie 500 putting an EFI 347 Stroker from a 1990 Mustang in her. I also want to put in an AOD trans. What issues did you run into putting in the AOD? Do you have some tips and tricks or even some things you wished you had done? Thank you
    Powerfiend ·
    Just caught a picture of your gal, looks really good. Can you give me the specs on your wheels (size, bs) and tires? I have a 65 convertible that I am just finishing up and planning on an airbag setup but want to make sure I have enough room to cycle through the suspension. Thanks in advance!
    wingnut_rb ·
    Thanks! I cut 2 full coils from the front springs (1 of those coils is the flat one on top of the spring), and the rear coils are from a 97 Pontiac Montana minivan. The rear coil spring weight is not very good so you might want to find something stiffer. Hope this helps.
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