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OldnCrusty 04-14-2012 06:55 AM

4.6 SOHC eaton super charger question?
I know there has been a lot of discussion and posts on this topic on the net but I thought it would be worth revisiting again with an idea that I have. I recently picked up an SVT eaton twin screw blower at a local swap meet with the intention of installing it my P71 4.6 engine that I plan to install in my 68 F-100 project. I realize that this is a Mustang forum but the majority of the talk on this subject seems to come from Mustang owners. I'm working on two 66 Mustangs currently, but the mods to get this engine into one of those doesn't seem practical since there are so many engine options that would be a lot easier. Anyway.....I do Cad Design as part of my job, and I have access to CNC milling services. I'm thinking about modifying my existing intake with an intermediate piece(s) to mate the blower unit to that. If you look at the intake offered by Tork Tech, it appears to literally be just an air box with enough room for the intercooler. I don't begrudge Tork Tech for asking the $$ that they do for their product, but it is simply not cost effective for me personally. My thought is to mill the new pieces out of phenolic resin stock and retro fit them into my existing manifold....join and grind it as needed and then carbon fiber over the surfaces to seal it and to give it stability. And for the intercooler, I'm willing to sacrifice the air conditioning system inside the interior of my truck and diverting it to a finned core exchanger mounted below the blower. It would not be hard to adopt a plate that would utilize the exisiting threaded holes on the underside of the blower intended for this purpose. My question is, why wouldn't this work? I brought up my truck for the fact that I will not have to deal with any EGR or O2 sensors since my truck is exempt from passing DEQ testing. Even if you buy one of Tork Techs packages, you still have to buy all the other misc. parts like injectors and retune the whole thing anyway so modifying the existing intake seems like a reasonable thing to do. I've already played with this on my computer and it appears to be pretty straight forward. The cost aside from my time is nominal compared to the $1800 for the Tork Tech manifold without an intercooler including fabricating and installing your own pulley system out of aluminum plate stock with the appropriate pulleys. I don't see any reason this would not work but I would appreciate any input into this idea especially from anyone who has done such a thing.

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