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07-11-2017 01:24 PM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Mannnnn F*** Photobucket.

RIP my build thread.
01-24-2017 06:53 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Was able to attend the Charlotte Auto Fair fall meet, Fried and I tagged along with the Carolina Galaxie Club and got in. Originally we were going to be up in the stands, however last minute we got switched to pit row! It was a cool experience, I've been to a lot of the autofairs there, however having your car there and a home base to go back to when you get tired of walking was awesome.

We were able to sneak a quick lap around the track too before it got too busy, didn't get many pictures since I was driving, but I was able to snap a few. Didn't get any of the cars for some reason...

01-24-2017 06:41 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Haven't updated this in quite some time.

I was able to fabricate a shroud out of a piece of sheet metal using a bench vice, c clamps, a few boards and a jig saw. The hardest part was coming up with a way to cut the circle, ended up just bolting the piece to my bench and bolting the jig on the bench at the correct radius and just spinning it around.

I'm pretty happy with it, only cost $20 or so for the metal and bolts. I've had the radiator on for a few months now and it was the best choice I've made, on the highway when it's 95* outside it just bounces from 190* to 180* with a 180* thermostat.

Pictures below.

04-28-2016 08:17 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Apparently I cannot get away from my cooling woes. Parked my car a few weeks ago, heard a hissing sound. Opened the hood to find that my radiator - which is less than a year old, has a leak where the top meets the core...

So I bit the bullet and ordered an all aluminum 3 core radiator off ebay.


The ad said, "some modification may be required for 289..."

So two days ago I went ahead and pulled the "old" one and the shroud and fan.

Compared to the new.

The first problem became obvious quickly. The bottom mounting bracket is entirely too small for the new radiator. Easy fix with a little bit of fabrication on the old one.

That is where I stand for now. Tonight I'm going to put some rubber on the brackets and install them. Once that is done I can place the radiator in and start to figure out how I'm going to go about a shroud since my old one will not fit.

04-28-2016 08:03 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Few updates. Got my carb in and installed a few weeks ago. Still have some kinks to iron out but overall I'm quite happy with the power gain from it.

Holley 0-80570 570CFM Street Avenger Factory Refurbished 4bbl - $280.00

I recently ordered a NOS hood ornament from eBay. I payed up for it, but I think it's worth it. It's always bugged me because its what you look at the entire time your driving.

NOS Hood Ornament - $160.00

03-10-2016 09:16 PM
nytling92 That is really cool to have help from the board in person. I was/am a member of a Maverick board, made some good friends and gave and received help along the way. Great to see that happening. I no longer have a Maverick so I don't fequent there much but I stay in contact with the friends I have made.
03-10-2016 02:28 PM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Enjoyed the transmission projects. I'm looking forward to see how much of a difference that new carb will make for you performance wise going from 2 bbl to 4 bbl and also increasing the CFMs. I pulled out my carb manual last night and read up on the fine tuning section. Might have to have a carb tuning day!
03-09-2016 08:32 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Well... That sucked.

Want to start by giving a huge shout out to Fried_daddy. He came out this past weekend and helped me a ton with getting my trans straightened out and back in.

So... I'm just going to go ahead and say that I learned a valuable lesson the hard way... Measure, measure, and measure.

My clutch packs were both off. The forward one was 0.050" too small, so when the piston pushed it pushed to the point that the seal was exposed. When the seal was exposed pressure forced it out and blew out... Trashed the drum.

The other pack wasn't as bad, still small, but didn't do any damage. Luckily for me I had another transmission that we were able to salvage the drum out of.

So, when Fried came over Saturday morning, I had the trans taken apart and set out, while he checked my sad measurements I took apart the old trans to get the drum. He came over around 8:45a. By 5:30p we were test driving it. Pretty proud of the work we got done: Tore down one trans, put the other together, mounted, torqued, cross member installed, cooling tubes bent and installed, drive shaft, parking brake, misc connections, filled and go.

The transmission works great, shifts are a tad sloppy, but I think the pressure modulator is leaking air.

So after 3 weeks of sitting on jack stands I finally got to take her out and wash her.

As far as pricing is concerned, I think I made out pretty well, I know Fried spent in the $800 range - but he had a lot more parts he had to replace than I did. So here's my breakdown:

Extra transmission to rebuild - $180

Makco Rebuild Master Kit - 106006B - $86.66
Trans oil filter - A106010B - $9.12
Vac Modulator - 206160 - $21.61
Trans Magnet - M465SC - $2.34
Oil Pan Gasket - ATP FG1 - $3.02
Transmission Mount - EM2242 - $4.66

Misc Items - Paint, Fluid, Tubes ect... - $100

All in all I got out great. ~$200 for the rebuild - not including the purchase of the trans. I got lucky though, I reused my torque converter and my bands had plenty of meat left on them. I plan on building the other one eventually - hope to put it into a f100 one day. Have to track down a new front drum and valve selector valve (somehow we bent one), but from what I've seen that wont be too hard to do.

Today I should have a new carb coming in the mail.

Holley 0-80570 570CFM Street Avenger - $280

Holley sells factory referbed ones on ebay, it's typically a $430 carb. Pretty stoked about it. Will update once done.

Thanks again Fried!

02-19-2016 07:29 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Short and dirty update. Didn't take any detailed pictures of the reassembly of the trans. Just follow dis-assembly backwards.

Few pics of it all back together:

Finally got the old one taken out. Was able to borrow Fried's transmission jack for a few weeks. I dropped it coming out. Was trying to re-center it on the jack half way down and it slipped right out. I was able to cushion the blow, but still got my heart going.

Quickly realized the bell housings are different. Must be the difference between the 289 and 390. So I cleaned the old one, and painted it.

After a painful battle last night of sliding the new one under the car, and getting it on the jack by myself under the car, then aligning it, it's in its home now. Still got a handful of bolts before it's holding it's own weight. Hope to have it done this weekend. But I also have a flooring project going on in my house.

01-22-2016 09:21 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Looking good. Wish I had room for a parts washer!! I have went through at least 10 cans of brake cleaner cleaning my parts.
01-18-2016 10:43 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Spent a little bit of time cleaning and painting the bell housing.

Then cleaned and painted the main housing.

And this is where I stand now. I cleaned up all the internal parts, and got them all laid out in order. This week Iím going to go through and clean the servos, valve body, and pressure regulator. I expect to have the rebuild kit by the end of the week and hopefully this bad boy back together next week.

01-18-2016 10:42 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Then grab and pull the rear gear assembly. It should pull out pretty easily

The rear band is next, it has two little wedges that go on each end of the band, remove those then slide the band out.

The band appears in great shape, no wear marks on it at all.

Next up is a center plate, itís held it by 3 bolts on the outside of the case, the top one should have been removed already.

This one holds this tube down also, I removed the tube when I removed the bolt.

Next set of gears should then pull out.

Followed by the front pump and shaft.

The front band will then pull out the top. It too is in great shape.

Then you should have a nice empty shell.

01-18-2016 10:40 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

That takes care of the bottom end, now on to the interior guts.

Front pump is held in with four bolts. Remove those then pull. There is a rubber seal on the lip of it.

Pressure modulator just screws out. Ė That end rod does slide out, so donít lose it.

Flip it around to the other side, still got the tail housing gasket on.

On to the distributor, there is a snap ring holding it in. Remove it, pull on the assymply until the hoses slide out, then it should slide right off Ė had to put some force behind pulling it to get the three hoses out.

The governor Ė there is one snap right way up by the governor that has to be removed. There are four other rings that make it easier to remove the governor, but I found that you do not have to remove them. I tried to remove two and they both snapped so I left the other two. Luckily for me, fried_daddy said these rings are included in the rebuild kit.

There is a small ball that goes under the gov. I didnít see it at first and found it later on my pan.

Next up is the suction and discharge tube. Suction was easy, like fried_daddy said the discharge calls for a special tool. I found that a set of snap ring pliers worked great.

Now, from here I really donít know the names of the parts lol, so bear with me. At this point you should be able to pull the rear shaft with the rear pump off. Just grab the shaft and pull strait out.

There is a gasket between the rear pump and the tranny housing.

Once out, you can lift the rear pump off the shaft.

There is a small ďkeyĒ that holds the pump in the correct position, donít lose it.

01-18-2016 10:39 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Filter and strap are easy to remove. Just unclip the strap.

Springs released from pressure regulator Ė you donít have to do this while this is on the tranny. You can wait and remove the springs once the pressure regulator is uninstalled.

There are three tubes that need to be removed before you can start pulling anything else out. They just pull out from their respective slots.

Once those are out there are two bolts holding in the pressure regulator. Remove those bolts and the regulator lifts right now. A regular socket wouldnít fit Ė had to use a 12 point socket.

Next is the valve body and front servo. The valve body is held in with 3 bolts on the side, itís also attached to the front servo by two tubes, and these tubes need to be removed before the valve body will come out. The front servo is held in by one bolt.

I had to remove the band adjustment bolt before I could get the front servo out.

Rear servo comes out with two bolts.

01-18-2016 10:38 AM
Re: Zig's 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - PICTURE HEAVY

Well, I had a busy weekend of tearing down the guts of my transmission. Everything went very smooth and really didnít run into any problems. Took lots of pictures to keep track of everything. Also finally got myself a parts washer, which is very nice to have. I lucked out on the tranny, havenít run into some of the issue fried_daddy has. All my bushings look great, little to no wear on them. And my bands look brand new. So Ė here we go.

Tail housing and pan cleaned up.

Drive shaft seal removal. Just used a small flathead and a hammer.

Pan and tail housing ready for paint.

Painted using VHT Flat Aluminum paint

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