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10-14-2017 03:24 PM
Re: How much power will it make

NICE! It all comes down to having the right combination. I can't wait to see a dyno report.

As a guy who shifts his 11.2:1 big cube windsor at 7500 I'm curious as to what RPM's yours will be turning in full song.
10-14-2017 12:31 PM
Re: How much power will it make

just wanted to give an up date I have the afr 220 sbf heads on a 306 sbf and have finely driven the car let me just say that I have confirmed for a fact that afr 220 heads are not to big for a 302 sbf I have 3;55 gears in the sn95 mustang right now and if you stomp the gas from a 10 mph roll its like being on ice instantly and if your in second gear rolling 40 mph and stomp the gas its the same thing tires just blow smoke this is with 10 inch wide radials on the back and in 4th gear at 45 mph it cruses like a regular mustang with a lope to it cause I do have a big roller cam its in the 250 @ .50 range and high 600 lift and also I have turned it to 7800rpm once no valve float at all with fords stock hydraulic lifter and it fells like some one is taking there foot and pushing you back in your seat I just wanted to let people know from first hand experience that the afr 220 heads are not to big for a 302 and that if this block ever lets go I have a head that will work on a 351w and up sbf I made this whole write up cause I build my own motors and I read all the magazines that show you how to build and what to expect from that build that's good but they also use that to push people in the direction they want you to spend your money like afr 185 for your 302 then if sell your 302 and up grade to 351w or bigger then guess what now you need to bye another $ 2100 dollar head I would say the afr 205 or equalivent head flow wise would be best for 302 - 363 sbf that is doing a serous build for the street
09-27-2017 02:54 PM
Re: How much power will it make

I am so happy thanks to the good lord I fired this bad boy up today and after braking it in I tuned the carb by ear for now cause I still have to hook my drive shaft up and get an aftermarket throttle cable I cant wait to get my gears put in I have them but need to install this lil 306 sbf with afr 220 heads has insane throttle response I'm not kidding with the snap of the throttle its from 1100 rpm to 5800 rpm like lighting I will make a video and post it to you tube when I get every thing else right I also wanted to add that for a healthy sbf a 200 plus size intake runner should be used if max power vs cubic inch is at play yes the smallest port with the most flow is grate but show me a 185 or even a 195 head that can flow close to 340 350 cfm I sure have not found one but a good 205 plus head with grate port velocity can like the AFR OR TFS HIGH PORT there is a reason those heads fit on a 4 inch bore maybe not flowed on a 4 inch bore but is a direct bolt on head so if you want an easy 500 + hp out of your sbf 5.0 get the 205 or bigger heads cam accordingly AND GEAR the car right and I guaranty you will make power
09-15-2017 10:40 PM
Re: How much power will it make

thanks man its been almost a year in the making so I'm ready as well yeah about them gears I am going to try myself this winter on my car never done gears before but I been building engines for a long time so that was vary easy for me so I'm thinking so will the rear end I will post numbers up when I get it dyno and tuned but I think I will be happy with it again thanks man
09-15-2017 09:25 AM
Re: How much power will it make

Be very interested in seeing your numbers, 500 + isn't out of range for that mill I'd think.
I;m running a C-4 with a Gear vendor which allows for splitting each gear, for 6 forward gears.
3:73's in Explorer 8.8" swap, takes a bit of a learning curve to "split" gears, gear changes come really fast!
but a hellova lot of fun once you get onto it.
I do find I leave it in Auto mode allot & just let her do the shifting.
Have fun running the average Camaros, the only machine that has flat out beat me up , a darn Subaru, bug eye wagon!
Look forward to see yours comes together
09-14-2017 10:12 PM
Re: How much power will it make

yeah I plan on taking it to be tuned for sure that's dang good numbers on that 347 yeah its 13.0.1 compression but my dynamic compression is 8.43.1 and cranking psi should be no more then 180 psi with this cam so hoping to run 93 pump gas with timing backed down then 110 race fuel at the track we will see
09-14-2017 10:25 AM
Re: How much power will it make

Definatley need to get on a dyno to tune that baby, 13-1 compression, man!
I have limited 5.0 expierecne, my 347 built by Stefko racing with Edelbrock heads, work done on them by Stefko
All forged internals, RPM air gap & Hedman long tubes into 2.5" exhaust/Holley 650
9.5 compression- on dyno put out 455hp/410ft.lbs
nice in a 3000 lb. street F;lane
09-13-2017 06:07 PM
Re: How much power will it make

thanks man for the guess I am hoping I can make a lil more then 500 my last build made 488 @ the flywheel with afr 205 and a trick flow stage 3 cam build with 10.5.1 so I hope the afr 220 and 2 and a half more points compression and a little bigger cam that I should make 40 more horse but like I said hopefully lol thanks again was starting to think no one got on this site anymore
09-08-2017 04:19 AM
Re: How much power will it make

Originally Posted by 306afr220 View Post
no one really dang I thought that the mustang crowed had hospitality and excitement
A dynamo would be most accurate.

My guess would be the 475 to 500 hp range but just too many varaibles I could be way off
09-07-2017 05:15 PM
Re: How much power will it make

no one really dang I thought that the mustang crowed had hospitality and excitement
09-06-2017 06:42 PM
How much power will it make

I have a 1995 cobra block just a stock 5.0 roller block that's been prepped bored .30 over now is a 306 cid with je pistons for 13.0.1 compression 4340 forged rods with 7/16 rod bolts good for 1000 hp @ 8200 rpm I know I will not make that power but still over kill is better then not enough stock crank polished balanced cam is in the 250ish @ .50 duration 640ish lift intake and exhaust is 260ish @ .50 620ish lift on a 108 lsa and is a hydraulic roller cam with stock ford racing roller lifters AFR 220 renegade race heads that's been set up for my cam and the right spring pressures for my lifters a ported funnel web intake and 2 inch spacer toped with a Holley hp 750 carb running the stock in tank fuel pump with a regulator that will adjust from 180 psi all the way down to 5 psi with a return line will be turning around 7700 rpm bbk long tube headers that's 1 5/8 tubs in to a 3 inch collector will be upgrading soon just don't have an extra 1000 buck right now running a msd 8598 distributor with a HEI module set up no msd box here module was only 20.00 bucks and 4 wire hook up only running alternator and water pump with a g force upgraded t5 with a stage 3 clutch in a 3100 pound sn95 cobra I have been building this motor since October 2016 it is now September 2017 and next week I hope to start and brake it in. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT WILL MAKE AT THE FLY WHEEL AND AT BACK TIRE?????? thanks for your response hope you all enjoy your sbf cars and trucks

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