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09-02-2019 08:20 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

There actually have been progress on this car - it's not a dead thread after all.

  • Biggest work has been under carriage and rear end housing work.
  • Pulled the housing, cleaned, painted, replaced the 3.00 open gear with a 3.55 posi unit.
  • Rust treatment underneath and bed liner coating
  • Test fit for the '74 Ford gas tank and EFI return line
  • Boxed lower control arms, Spohn upper arm (could not find affordable upper bushings)
  • NiCop brake lines run on the rear housing and up to the front
  • Rear end re-installed and car back on the ground.
Next is finished up the front portion of the under carriage with rust stabilizer and undercoating (actually RustOleum spray can bed liner but works great)
Need to run the dual fuel lines and finalize fuel pump mounting locations and AN fitting ends.

It's slow but is moving along at least...

02-20-2017 01:01 PM
1966 Galaxie 500 Update 2/2017 - Wiring Update


Progress continues on and off on the 1966 Galaxie 500. Still gather parts along the way and recently starting looking at the wiring harness needs. Overall the wiring is actually in pretty good shape for a 50+ year old car. There is some rodent damage but nothing unfix-able. Most of the damage appears to be indicator wiring like signals, temp, etc as these were exposed and unwrapped under the dash.

We will be running the EEC-IV EFI setup I had originally planned on using in my 1969 Mustang Coupe so I have figured most of it out. The car will end up with a 347, Edlebrock Performer II heads, likely an E303 cam, GT40 tubular intake, 70mm throttle body, 80mm C&L mass air, and some shorty headers.

Below is a short video walk through of the under dash harness, under hood harness and the EFI harness we will be using on the car.

BTW Thought I knew how to embed Youtube videos based on what I found on others post but guess not. Tips on how to? No Youtube or Video insert links that I can find and the normal "[ youtube ]" tag doesn't work.

09-15-2016 12:11 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

Just an information bump BUT:

We FINALLY have a valid title and tag in hand in our names so this project can now continue!

Took a court order process due to recent changes in the law for processing titles n Oklahoma on such cases.

Now time to get things done and finish out the clean up and prep on the undercarriage and build out the 347 and C4 to bring her back to life.
03-24-2016 10:58 AM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

Trying to do some catch up here yet again! The inside of the car looked pretty good once everything was cleaned out of it. Pretty clean really, i was a bit surprised. One just never knows sometimes. Great to see another father/son project. Enjoyed reading Ford4V429's progress with his sons. Don't see much of the family stuff when it comes to cars. Getting where less even work on their cars or even have an old car period. Then there is the ones that they kids would have to show dad how to work on them!! lol
03-22-2016 07:53 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

Haven't posted in a bit but work continues on the '66.

Took a bit to get the control arms cleaned up and painted but wire wheel and time took care of most of it. The arms appeared to be in good shape so after the cleanup they were painted with the bed liner rattle can stuff we've been using for such things. Nice thing is the stuff is tough, dries fast, and isn't too bad at $10 per can or so. After the clean/prep/paint process on the upper and lower arms, steering center link and front strut rods, it was time to rebuild them all. We ended up using all Moog parts, which used to be better quality stuff at least. Price was good enough through so should last longer than I'll be around I bet anyhow.

Once the suspension was back in it was time to final install the disc brake kit including the brackets, rotors and calipers. We've both always like the "red caliper" look so each was cleaned, prepped and painted red using caliper paint. I did have the clearance the bracket and the spindle a little bit so I clear coated the bracket to hopefully keep the clearanced area from rusting any. Once installed on the car we really like the look of the setup and it was super simple to install. The hardest part was trying to install the strut rods as the poly bushings were WAY too big for the setup. Maybe they were the wrong ones or something but I ended up just grinding them way down to fit similar to what the older bushings were like. Bit of work but worked out in the long run.

With the car back on the ground and able to roll, we pulled it up on the drivewhat so we could more easily get the old 302/C4 out of the car. I knew the car had the inline six replaced but we were not sure on what tranny was in it until we got it out and it is indeed a C4 of middle 80's vintage. Guessing this was done in the middle 90's or so which is when the car appears to last be alive, maybe late 90's but not sure. Pulling the engine/trans was actually easier than I figured it would be BUT with everything already disconnected except the speedometer and shift linkage it made it go even faster.

Next up is to final clean up under the hood and prep / paint that area. We did pull off the right front fender to allow removing the under hood heater box which is basically shot. Hoping to find a replacement for this as repairing it will take a bit of time and material.

Also picked up some Edlebrock heads for the small block Ford build. Good deal on the heads, ARP studs, and the Ford rockers and pushrods that should cover the top end needs. The are the 2.02 inch intake versions so we will definitely need to check piston/valve clearance with the E303 cam but should work fine with the stock cut pistons I think.
01-24-2016 06:04 PM
1/24/2016 - Out With the Old - Front End Wise Anyhow

Had a couple of acceptable weather days so I started pulling the front end out for rebuilding, cleaning, etc. Going back with all new bushings, ball joints, disc rotors, calipers, etc so lots of work to do but progress.

Most of you have seen or done this, many more than once but here's our story on it.

Out with the Old

Unfortunately it's not "In with the New" but old out has to occur first. Overall the process went pretty smooth for a 50 year old car. A little issue with the sway bar ends and lower control arm bolts but otherwise it could have been much harder. She looks a bit bare without her front feet new shoes are in the garage at least.

Here is the pile of parts that will NOT be reused. Drums, shocks with one broken ear, brake shoes, springs, etc and that tiny little seemingly useless sway bar.Will be junking the shoes, springs, etc that are replaceable and storing away the drums for sale or trade to someone that may need it someday.

Here is the pile of parts to clean and reuse. Current plan is to cut one coil off the springs, complete clean up, paint and new bushings and ball joints. Lots of work to get there I guess but all the parts appear solid and ready to reuse without any bends, cracks, etc.

Not surprisingly the front has had work done before. Not sure which is which but I always thought when one replaced ball joints it was assumed you did BOTH sides. Apparently that totally depends on who does it. Obviously not the same uppers here at least.

It's all gone here waiting for yet more cleaning and prep work. Without it rolling and in the dirt it will be hard to pull the engine / trans so we'll be cleaning this area up around the engine. Not the best way but workable. Thinking I should mount up the cherry picker in the back of the Ranger and do the pull that way... we will see.

Just started cleaning up a bit on one side. Lots to go but with air needle scaler, some wire brushing and maybe some blasting they should clean up.

So the next major work is cleaning the control arms, spindles, and springs up the best I can, pressing in new bushings, install new ball joints, painting it all up. We will then bench test fitting the new rotor to the spindle and make sure that all works and then work on cleaning up and painting under the car so this can go back together.
01-03-2016 08:07 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

Love the vertical headlights! I saw a show where you can heat up the hail dents with a torch and they will come back flat. Probably burns the paint but might be worth a try if you are going to repaint anyway. Also that gas tank should be UNDER the trunk
01-03-2016 07:41 AM
Re: Proper '66 Front Grill / Roughing Out Plans

Originally Posted by fried_daddy View Post
Yes, that's correct. The hood latch mechanism and center brackets are also different between the two different grills.
Thanks! Good to know. That's standard vs XL correct?

Anyone know if the 65 grill mount / hood latch is different from 66?

I ask as there is an extra latch and mount in the car and I am wondering if it's from before the 65 grill was installed and I need to swap back. I'll figure it out I guess when we try to install the 66 but thought it was worth asking to avoid the "figuring" thing if possible.

01-02-2016 04:55 PM
Re: Proper '66 Front Grill / Roughing Out Plans

Originally Posted by Protowrxs View Post
We received the proper '66 grill and for the price it seems pretty nice. Few dings and scratches but they can be cleaned up and it came with mounting brackets and turn signals which was needed. I believe I understand the grills correctly in that this is a standard type of grill and the four light version is an XL grill?
Yes, that's correct. The hood latch mechanism and center brackets are also different between the two different grills.
01-02-2016 03:38 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

Originally Posted by ford4v429 View Post
great seeing father/son projects of any kind. I never got to work on anything with my real dad, very few things with my stepdad- but have gotten elbow deep into projects with my 4 boys as often as possible, some of the best times ever, no matter what a PITA a certain job might be...
Good stuff! Sounds like you've raised some self reliant and not afraid to work for what they want kids. I just checked out your 1969 Mustang pics, nice project. I thought mine was bad for taking 20 years to get back on the road, you might have me beat unless it's done now.

Thanks for sharing your story - Stephen
01-02-2016 03:07 PM
Proper '66 Front Grill / Roughing Out Plans

We received the proper '66 grill and for the price it seems pretty nice. Few dings and scratches but they can be cleaned up and it came with mounting brackets and turn signals which was needed. I believe I understand the grills correctly in that this is a standard type of grill and the four light version is an XL grill?

Pulled the brackets and turn signal brackets off and sand blasted and painted while we had a little bit of warmer weather. I think I saw here where someone use the aluminum duct tape in the reflector area, may give that a try on this one.

I guess we didn't really lay out the overall plan up front, and I'm sure it will change along the way, but currently the basic concept is simple on the outside leaving the paint and patina for the most part, an EFI 5.0 or stroker motor with some GT40/P or other heads if we find them, a mild cam and either one of the C4 trans we have here or maybe a 4R70W with a home built Arduino controller on it.

I'm sure some of the purist will not like the under hood look, but the goal is to build an EFI / automatic car using as much of the parts we we already have and trying to keep it all affordable. The EFI parts were planned for the 69 Mustang and I have figured most of that process out but dropped back to carb for nostalgia purposes since I've had the Mustang since 1974.

With that said here is some roughing out of how the manifold and intake might work out. What I had for the '69 actually seems to fit in the Galaxie just fine, but then again there is a LOT more room in the Gal. Likely will relocate the battery to the trunk just because or worse case to the drivers side in order to mount the filter on the right side.

On the down side, when we pulled down the 5.0 EFI engine I had sitting around and what we planned on using for the base and for all the front engine accessories, we found it had either been run dry or run dirty as the rod and main bearings and crank are toast. Back to the drawing board on that one unless the crank in the old 80's engine that is in the car is usable. The only other options I have is a 289 crank/rod set or a Boss 302 crank and the 289 just doesn't seem worth it and the Boss crank needs to go to some Boss 302 restorer some day.

Hate to spend money on a stroker kit but that may be the best way to make sure the shortblock is good for the long run.

For now we'll pull the rest of the 5.0 apart and make sure the block is good and start getting it prepped for a rebuild. Sad thing was the cylinders look really nice and there is next to no ring groove up top. However with the possibility of spraying the engine with a NEX Nitrous dry kit we have at some point forged pistons may well be worth it in the long run.
01-01-2016 05:25 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

great seeing father/son projects of any kind. I never got to work on anything with my real dad, very few things with my stepdad- but have gotten elbow deep into projects with my 4 boys as often as possible, some of the best times ever, no matter what a PITA a certain job might be...they were little(well youngest wasnt even born yet) when I redid my neighbors old galaxie, but they were out in the garage at 4,5,and7 yrs old 'helping' as much as they could- loved turning wrenches, scraping dirt,brushing paint...theyve come a long way since then

the two oldest rebuilt their first cars from some that needed more than a little elbow grease, learned a lot along the way- mostly not to be afraid to try and tackle anything if need be. the oldest is only 19, already on his third vehicle- first was a $500 1990 mark VII that had sat a long time, but rustwise was a pretty easy salvage- but tons of mechanical issues- but I had a 89 too rusty to save, donated it for parts, already had coils/rebuilt suspension/motor-rearend-tranny, etc... took the two and made a pretty decent one, he still gets compliments on...
then he wanted a truck, bought a old expedition out of california in incredibly good shape, only needed a few odds and ends maintenance things, and two months ago, wanted a 'nice' truck, found a decent deal on a 2011 silverado 4x4- pretty nice vehicle for a 'kid' but hes worked 3 years, been very responsible, and earned it...
the 17 yr old rebuilt his rusty ranger with a lot of help, but he is rightly proud of it, and has relatively low investment dollarwise- but he too worked summers/saved/etc... all those hours were great...
the 16 yr old bought his big brothers old expedition, wants to get working on my 69 mustang...he also worked diligently on his brother's projects.
then theres a 7 yr old into Star wars, biggest project with him was building a r2d2 look alike out of a old domed security camera- its all good
best times ever
01-01-2016 03:50 PM
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build


Welcome. Hope you have a good time working on your '66 galaxie. Looks like a nice project. Thank you for posting the pics along the way. I like to see the progress and work pictures.

01-01-2016 09:11 AM
66 Fastback
Re: Son / Father 1966 Galaxie Fastback Rescue / Build

The standard non-power drums on mine work fine for cruising. You should be more than OK with a front disc/rear drum setup. Good thing you picked up a 66 grill as a 65 just wouldn't look right to those of us who know Galaxies Looking forward to seeing the progress and it's great you are doing this with your son.
01-01-2016 06:50 AM
Clean Up, Inspection, Rear Brakes

Like all old cars that have been sitting around a while, this '66 Galaxie was no exception and it was quite messy as it had also been used as a storage for not only the trim for itself but a lot of other junk from the salvage yard type of area where it was found. Austin spent a day cleaning up the mess and trying to get the interior at least "breathable" and spider free.

A full day of cleaning by him before he left with the rest of the family for a short vacation trip and the interior was much better. I followed up the next day and completed the vacuum and cleaning and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the floors in the car.

The outside of the car was pretty chalked up with a lot of mold taking hold of the old paint. There was some nice overall patina living there but it really needed a clean up. We knew the car had SOME hail damage from looking at it before buying it but I was a little surprised at how much damage is actually there that was visible once the mold and dirt was washed off. A bit disappointing to see all the dings but hey, it's obviously an Oklahoma car that has lived outside most of it's life with that much damage and has survived a hammering or two during it's 50 years of life.

Might be able to see some of the hail damage here. It's all over the car though. I did buy a paintless dent repair (PDR) kit to play with trying to get some of the dents out but the current concept is to keep the paint and patina so we'll see how the repair process goes.

Although a disc conversion is really planned on the front, converting the rears seemed like overkill at the moment especially as we are trying to keep this a lower budget project. The rear drums on the car are the wider big car drums and with a complete rebuild should work fine. For less than $60 new wheel cylinders, shoes and hardware can get the rear brakes in good working order. We did go ahead and replace the rear axle bearings and seals while we had it pulled down that far to make sure the rear end side is good for a long time. We also replaced the rear axle bearings while down this far just because.

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