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  1. 1963 Mercury Meteor Resurrection

    Makin' Progress
    Looks like a great starting point. Factory 4 speed? Mine came with a 170 and a 2-speed auto. I wouldn't have swapped out my drivetrain if it started life like yours. Looks like you got a great deal. Congrats
  2. 63 inline 6 swap

    Fairlane Pages
    Update on the 4R70W with the GT40P replacing the 2speed and 170... I now have my exhaust partially hooked up. I am running 1999 Chevy Tahoe exhaust with cats and the Mountaineer O2 sensors. Still need to tie in to a 2 into 1 collector and then a 2.5 or 3 inch tailpipe and muffler. Wow - it...
  3. Mercury montego

    New Member Introductions
    From what I have read, the go to swap is the Granada 5 lug spindles, discs and rotors. Not so easy to find anymore but you might get lucky.
  4. 289 Mystery

    All Ford Techboard
    With 120 compression and the fact that you changed the distributor and have spark, I would not do a major teardown until I confirmed the problem. If I read correctly, you suspected the distributor was bad so you changed it and you still have spark and compression but won't run. I have put...
  5. Hope to be future 63 or 64 fairlane owner

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome Roger. Lots of good stuff to look at on this site with regard to Fairlanes
  6. 1965 f100

    Got pictures or price?
  7. second try

    New Member Introductions
    The feeder can was like $25 or so on eBay. This is how I modified it and mounted it behind the left headlight.
  8. Hello From Burt

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, What can I say? I like Ford and especially Mercury cars. I wasn't born in a Ford but Mom tells me I spent my first birthday in a 1947 Tudor on moving day. Also been working on Fords since age 5 if you count shining a droplight in the wrong directions "helping" Dad and...
  9. 63 inline 6 swap

    Fairlane Pages
    Looks like the C4 puts first gear lower and second becomes your passing gear. I know my 170 had its tongue hanging out if forced into kickdown on that 2 speed. 302 V8 dropping into second on a C4 would be a great improvement. Top gear is still 1.0 so the 3.00 stock diff (guessing yours is...
  10. 63 inline 6 swap

    Fairlane Pages
    I am finishing up a swap from the 170 and 2 speed to a GT40P and 4R70W from a 1997 Mountaineer. Not a huge horsepower motor but the increase in torque and the lower first gear make it roast tires a little too easily through the open diff. Mine is a 3.0 open and it should be strong enough for...
1-10 of 10 Results