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  1. Granada spindals VS Mustang spindals question?

    Falcon Pages
    I ran Granada spindles on the mustang for 30 years before switching back to mustang units to go to aftermarket brakes. Yes, there is more bumpsteer than stock, but nothing you're going to notice unless you REALLY try. In a mustang, you can just use Granada outer tie rods to attach them...
  2. Trying to put big valves in 289 head need help!

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    What pistons does it have? Are they flat tops, or dish? I ported a set of 289 heads a good friend installed on a 302 way back when... His 302 had flat tops, and he was always battling detonation. Too much compression for the 224 @ 0.050" cam and pump gas. He bought a lot of octane booster...
  3. Trying to put big valves in 289 head need help!

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    My advice would be to get a decent set of NAME BRAND aftermarket heads. By the time you buy ALL the parts to rebuild yours, along with all the labor involved in finishing them... You'll either spend close to the cost of an aftermarket set, or even more depending on the parts you buy. If you...
  4. Wilwood disc brake kit

    Galaxie Pages
    I bought the Wilwood kit designed for my car through Summit... front and rear... and it worked just fine. No issues.
  5. would like your opinion

    The Garage
    It's no big deal... actually better than it was before. When you come to the site, simply click the lighting bolt at the top right, and choose 'new posts'... and you'll see everything that has been posted since you were here last... as well as the older stuff you haven't read yet.
  6. fuel pump brilliant design :(

    Torino Pages
    I think I'd find a different brand pump... I've always had great luck with Carter, but you may have come across a bad batch.
  7. Aluminum vs cast Iron Intake torque

    All Ford Techboard
    Intake swap how-to.
  8. 65 brake booster/master cylinder

    Fairlane Pages
    This guy has a lot of cool mustang/falcon/fairlane stuff... including brakes. Well worth checking out.
  9. Aluminum vs cast Iron Intake torque

    All Ford Techboard
    Main thing, is to go over the torque sequence over and over until they hold torque, as gaskets WILL compress. You start in the middle and work your way to the ends, but by the time you get to the end, the gasket will compress to where the bolts in the center are almost slack. This is...
  10. AFR 205 head with damage...what to do?

    All Ford Techboard
  11. Engine conversion 289 to 351w

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    65-66 mustang radiators are really small. The stock 2-core was barely adequate for a stock 289, and once it got some age, came up short. 3-core was a pretty much mandatory upgrade... and that's with the stock sized 1/2" core tubes. Some aftermarket rads advertise a 3-core, but the tubes are...
  12. would like your opinion

    The Garage
    Pretty much ALL forums are a desert compared to what they use to be. Remaining interest seems to have switched over to over platforms, such as Facebook. There are a few 'old school' forums out there doing okay... mostly populated by us older guys... but the kids into things use their phones...
  13. would like your opinion

    The Garage
    I'm sorry... To see the new posts, you just click on the lighting bolt at the top... then click 'new posts'. Makes it a lot easier than trying to sort through everything. That being said, it was handy when the new posts were all right on the side as soon as you opened the forum. But, not...
  14. would like your opinion

    The Garage
    I go to the forum, then go to the bottom and click 'new posts'. They use to be right there in the side bar. Takes an extra step or two now.
  15. rocker arm choise 347

    Stroker Engines
    Same conversation, same tech line... got a different answer. Not saying you are lying, there's just conflicting information out there, so there could be both types of gears installed... so it's wise to check.
  16. 351w Harmonic Balancer Problems

    All Ford Techboard
    Fords have a big fine thread 5/8" crank bolt. You shouldn't need to press it on. The bolt is big enough to pull it on by itself just fine. The crank snout should tighten up against the lower timing chain gear. There should be nothing in the way. Is there a possibility you may have the lower...
  17. Aluminum vs cast Iron Intake torque

    All Ford Techboard
    14-16 should be fine, but you'll need to keep going over the torque sequence again and again until the values are consistent. The torque sequence starts in the middle, and works its way to the ends... But, after you get to the end, the gasket relaxes, and the center bolts won't be nearly as...
  18. rocker arm choise 347

    Stroker Engines
    Just because it fits, doesn't mean it works... The hydraulic roller cam is made from a type of steel that will EAT the standard cast iron distributor gear. The distributor needs a melonized steel unit installed. If you are currently using a cast iron distributor gear on a hydraulic roller, I...
  19. Just got a 347 Short block to replace my 289 in my 66

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Yes, stock 289 heads only have 126 cc intake ports, and they aren't that efficient of a design. They are too small for a warmed up 289. AFR 165 or 185 would be ideal on that engine! Be sure to get them with springs for a flat tappet camshaft, if that's what you are running. I was just...
  20. Just got a 347 Short block to replace my 289 in my 66

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Yes, the stock heads are too small to properly ventilate 289ci. A head upgrade would provide huge dividends. I'm assuming it's a flat tappet cam. If so, the Edelbrock E-Street cylinder heads are their least expensive, and are made for streetable, flat tappet combos like yours. One glaring...
1-20 of 200 Results