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  1. Lets show off the thunderbird we have

    Thunderbird Pages
    Wow, I never had driven a thunderbird, but it's an amazing ride. I'm thinking of selling my lease at DSRLeasing now, getting either a project or looking for a nice Thunderbird - both in ideal scenario :)
  2. 67 Mustang Coupe

    Makin' Progress
    Thanks for encouraging words :P I still have some time before I would get into it, but what do I have to lose really? Thanks
  3. New 1961 Sunliner Owner - Fuel Pump Help

    Galaxie Pages
    Wow, congratulations on your purchase bro, a little late but I love Sunliner :) Amazing ride, I would love to obtain one someday. My friend from DSRLeasing has been thinking of grabbing one, but even getting one is extremely hard - maybe he'll pick it up for a project tho :)
  4. Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Agree, that's very ambitious project :) I was thinking of grabbing one like you as well, but as I'm pretty newbie when it goes to that I would have to rely too much on my buddy from DSRLeasing now :P Congratz though :P
  5. 66 Fairlane

    Car Show and Track Pics
    That's the real "class". Both me and my friend from DSRLeasing are fans of those cars. Would love to have one to drive around someday :)
  6. Building 351c

    Dyno Board
    Agree, buddy of mine had Cobra for a while, amazing car. I was starting wondering as well if I shouldn't grab one.
  7. 2015 Ford Mustang Catches Fire With Only 6k Miles

    Mustang Pages (6th Generation - 2015+)
    Jesus, it is really terrible, no car should catch fire, doesn't mater the mileage, but as it's only 6K so basically brand new it's a punch below waist even more. Good luck bud.
  8. finally a build thread on my 63 Fairlane

    Makin' Progress
    Nice project, will definitely follow. You've made an great progress overall, my buddy from DSRLeasing has recently taken something similar, but he haven't really even started yet. Cheers and good luck!
  9. 1964 ford Galaxie Custom

    Makin' Progress
    That's looks like very interesting project, definitely gonna follow. Do you have those pics somewhere on your PC as photobucket disabled them.
  10. Cool video of Boss 302 vs new Z/28

    2011 Ford Mustang
    Wow, great vid! Would love to see live haha, cheers
1-10 of 10 Results