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  1. (Funny story) 1965 Galaxie gas tank removal

    Galaxie Pages
    amen on saving the tank. I did the boil-and-coating treatment on mine as well.
  2. (Funny story) 1965 Galaxie gas tank removal

    Galaxie Pages
    that is pretty hilarious. whatever it takes man - go for it. :)
  3. 1965 Ford Galaxie Mx to c6 trans swap questions

    Transmission Articles
    Automatic transmissions are the devil's playthings. :) I had my FMX rebuilt by an old-school shop. No problems since. If there's someone near you that can work on these - it might be worth giving them a call.
  4. 1965 Ford Galaxie Mx to c6 trans swap questions

    Transmission Articles
    Thoughts off the top of my head: 1. The FMX is a perfectly okay transmission, just get it rebuilt. Unless you have a C6 sitting around already. 2. I don't think there is a C4 that will bolt up to the FE motor, but I could be wrong. For the swap - you need a crossmember from a 1966 car that...
  5. Galaxie brake conversion

    Galaxie Pages
  6. Fuel pressure regulator

    Galaxie Pages
    i'm not up on electric pumps, I guess. don't know what "churn" is. but any mechanical pump built for a 390 should be putting out about 5psi. Edelbrock isn't special - all carbs are built to handle about the same psi. go spend $40 on a new mechanical pump, put that carb spacer on, and drive it.
  7. Galaxie brake conversion

    Galaxie Pages
    Plenty of aftermarket stuff available, as well- the 70s Ford stuff can be hard to find.
  8. Fuel pressure regulator

    Galaxie Pages
    so you're saying the fuel pressure regulator didn't get you down to 5.5psi? extech has a point - just go to the source (the pump). but I wouldn't blame boiling fuel on the pressure regulator. that just sounds like heat soak. are you running an insulated carb spacer? if not...may want to...
  9. 65 289 1 wire alternator wiring

    Electrical Articles
    glad you got it worked out. that looks like a Delco 10si to me, I guess its been re-wired to "1-wire" operation. do you have anything connected to the 1 or 2 spades? (I am guessing no.) don't know if your car originally had an "idiot light" in the dash, but if it did - its no longer functional...
  10. Pulling engine/trans- pull with trans or without

    All Ford Techboard
    I think I'd pull them separately...but install them together. Adrian's right, its whatever is easier for you. Make sure to put something under the front edge of the trans so that it doesn't drop forward when you disconnect the motor. Transmission jacks are very handy.
  11. 1965 Galaxie Country Sedan Fuel Tank

    Galaxie Pages
    Oddball car in an oddball year...65-66 stuff is hard to find, period. I couldn't find a tank for my hardtop. However - people make way too much of this issue. This is my tried-and-true recipe for tank repair. Don't listen to doubters- they haven't tried it. 1. have a radiator shop boil the...
  12. Reliable Daily Driver- Good fuel economy?

    Falcon Pages
    It'll be hard to give you concrete MPG numbers, but sure, a small EFI drivetrain in a 64-65 would be a reliable driver. I'm about to start working on a similar project, except I'm keeping the original straight-6. A buddy of mine (who is a bowtie guy, unfortunately) just dropped a LS into a '56...
  13. Trouble Tuning a Carb

    Galaxie Pages
    Hm - that kinda blows my mind. Unsure why an electrical issue would cause high rpm at idle. but - i'm not one to look the gift horse in the mouth. Sounds like you've found the issue. Make sure to rule the battery out before you swap the generator.
  14. Trouble Tuning a Carb

    Galaxie Pages
    okay - that is good info. I think this is your carb- scroll to page 7 here: which port are you using for vacuum advance, and have you capped the others?
  15. 65 brake booster/master cylinder

    Fairlane Pages
    I've never used the MasterPower stuff. Its simple enough to use stock Ford - the bolt-holes are the same for the single and dual-reservoir stuff. You can just use later Mustang parts.
  16. '68 ltd

    Galaxie Pages
    If you're going to sell it, I don't think i'd mess with it. maybe do some ignition upgrades instead (if its still running points).
  17. would like your opinion

    The Garage
    I was wondering what had happened to this forum...I took a few years off, and started checking in again recently. WOW this place is quiet now. I hate Facebook forums, no organization whatsoever. The Ford Truck Enthusiast site still seems to have a pretty good following. You are probably...
  18. Trouble Tuning a Carb

    Galaxie Pages
    Let's back up a bit. Biniecki - all you did is replace the carburetor, right? And then it wouldn't idle down properly? Was it running/idling properly before the carb swap?
  19. Trouble Tuning a Carb

    Galaxie Pages
    This is more evidence of a vacuum leak - hit the carb base with starter fluid.
  20. '63 Galaxie 500 Suspension Rebuild Advice

    Galaxie Pages
    everybody's will have a different opinion, but here's mine- for a cruiser, the stock suspension is okay. just rebuild it. use polyurethane bushings if you can find them. (at least, its okay on my '65. i'm not familiar with the dogleg.) I like disc brakes and dual-reservoir master cylinders...
1-20 of 191 Results