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  1. C4 bellhousing cracked :(

    C4 Transmissions
    A chamfer would help yes . As long as the dowels are long enough get good engagement through both the mid plate and bell , you need that bellhousing so it is lined up perfect
  2. RRS suspension

    Falcon Pages
    Yes I do have the Power steer rack & Pinion setup. The 300mm stage 2 brakes I find excellent . The struts fit nice and with the 300lb springs rides nice , handles nice on the street and track with a 24mm sway bar .
  3. RRS suspension

    Falcon Pages
    Yes I have the struts and steering rack brake kit. Drives very nice handles great .
  4. C4 bellhousing cracked :(

    C4 Transmissions
    Can't say I've seend a warped main case . You could reweld the bell ok , try it mounted up on it's own first before mounting trans Are the dowels longer to allow for the extra midplate width ?
  5. C4 bellhousing cracked :(

    C4 Transmissions
    Did you try pulling in with the bolts ? Did the bell fit on the dowels ok ?
  6. 66 7 litre C6 transmission leak from shift seal

    Galaxie Pages
    Have a close look to ensure it is not just the outer kickdown seal . That's the easy one . If the leaks is in at the case then Valvebody out to rectify
  7. 1966 C6 Build & Rollerization, Part 2-Modification

    Galaxie Pages
    Hey Randy , i'm over there in a few weeks :)
  8. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Looking good so far , very nice upgrade . Thank You
  9. 1966 C6 Build & Rollerization, Part 2-Modification

    Galaxie Pages
    Well I could do pick up :)
  10. C4 transmission goes out when it warms up

    C4 Transmissions
    Oil level correct? Oil condition? Couple options if ok. Put a pressure gauge on , see what's happening or pull the pan , see if the filter is full of junk
  11. 66 C4 - Input Shell (on forward part of gear train) - Fitment problem

    C4 Transmissions
    That is not right . Along with the different sun shells must have the matching drum to go with. I'd say there's a mismatch there Here is a document listing some differences .. Some anomalies of the first version of C4 1) No bushing in front ring gear 2) Snout of front planet not machined...
  12. 1966 C6 Build & Rollerization, Part 2-Modification

    Galaxie Pages
    That;s a bargain right there .. Does that drum have extra snap ring grooves of just the one for 5 clutches ..just curious
  13. transmission line adapter

    C4 Transmissions
    The threads in the case are 1/8 NPS , don't be tempted to use NPT as can crack the case
  14. 24 and 26 spline C4 interchangability

    C4 Transmissions
    Here you go, Seems there are different drums and sun shells. You may have a mismatch there
  15. 24 and 26 spline C4 interchangability

    C4 Transmissions
    Hello and Welcome . What you have looks ok. That is an early planet set with washers under the gears but shouldn't matter . It should locate over that lip on the planet bearing. There are some differences in the early High drums from memory. I have some info i'll post on here with some of the...
  16. 66 Street/Strip Fairlane Restoration

    Makin' Progress
    Re: 67 Fairlane Finally Finished! Post your Pics! That is awesome :)
  17. 71 f100 c4 shifts early and engine lugs down in D or R

    C4 Transmissions
    ok , no vacuum leaks ? that can cause RPM drop in gear . Timing? You may be able to run more initial advance might help? Idle mixtures , again need to be right . Could try adjusting the mixtures in gear see if that helps any An RV cam and that vacuum I assume is a basic grind type cam? A stock...
  18. 69 ranchero restoration

    Ranchero Pages
    Oh yes absolutely... Great metal work , nice resto :)
  19. C4 no third gear

    All Ford Techboard
    Was the modulator adjusted ? How long is the pin? How much preload on the pin? Is the spool valve under the modulator pin facing the right way? Is the kickdown free and not jammed on? The vacuum is definitely full manifold vacuum and not a ported vacuum source?
1-20 of 456 Results