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  1. Convertible or Fastback 1970

    Galaxie Pages
    So I am considering the purchase of a convertible or Fastback 1970 XL in the next 12 months. I sold a 1970 LTD a few years back when I was laid off from a job. I’m wondering the pros and cons as I’ve never owned a convertible. I live in Michigan so it’s really a summer car only. Overall plan...
  2. 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 Father and Son Build

    Galaxie Pages
    My 70 LTD had a choth liner between the rear seat and trunk to cut down on noise. I mounted 2 10" woofers in small boxes that fit right into the holes and around the spare just in front of the trunk mounts And mounted the amp on top of the spare. I love the gauge cluster mod in place of the...
  3. 69 XL Engine/Trans swap options

    Galaxie Pages
    I have a 70 LTD with a low time after rebuilt 351W and I believe FMX trans. I had hoped to keep the car for parts for a fastback restoration but family is a priority. I don't know where you are but I would consider an offer of you are interested. I'm in Michigan.
  4. 1969 XL build thread

    Galaxie Pages
    I know I had at times considered buying parts from you and you have a lot on hand but I must now contemplate doing the unthinkable...selling my 1970 LTD 351W. Family is pulling me away from the project and it may be time to let her go. The 351 had a stock rebuild 5-10k ago and was an old lady...
  5. 1970 ford LTD

    Selling my longer term baby because of new Babies. 1970 ford LTD 351W. Replay for more details. 2400 OBO
  6. 1970 ford LTD

    1970 ford LTD 351W. I am the second owner. Please respond if interested for more details.
  7. 1970 LTD 351W complete $2,400

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Well I have been a long time dreamer and finally family has got me thinking of selling my 1970 ford LTD 351W . I am the second owner. Car runs and drives (not a daily driver) and is complete. I drove it for 3 years and it has been in storage for 10. I have fogged or run the engine consistently...
  8. 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 Father and Son Build

    Galaxie Pages
    I am selling my 1970 LTD with a 351W recently rebuilt 10yrs ago but only probably 5-10,000 miles on the rebuild. Interior in pretty good too. If you were looking for a parts car (although it is complete and runs and drives $2,400)
1-8 of 8 Results