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  1. 427 Carnage :^(

    Stroker Engines
    H beams are a good option. Overkill is the best policy.
  2. Cowl Hood

    Mustang Pages (1974-1978)
    I bought a mini cowl scoop from ebay a few years ago, and bonded it onto my steel hood, after cutting out a large section of steel from the hood and support piece. It's a nice option for Mustang IIs, the cowl fits perfectly, and looks nice on the car.
  3. Post pics of your ford truck

    Truck Forum
    My 1978 Bronco that I built 3 years ago. 5.9L Cummins power.
  4. My 1977 Mustang II street car, stroker 332"

    FM Video
    With an estimated 530hp(at the crank, of course) 332" stroker 302 in it, the car is pretty radical, but it's my daily driver at times, nonetheless. 2 or 3 MPG around town when I'm having fun, but 13 mpg when cruising at 70. Will "safely" rev to 8500. 530 HP V8 - 7800 rev - YouTube Older...
  5. Help me build up my '75 302, Need info.

    Mustang Pages (1974-1978)
    1969 or 1970 351W heads, shaved down a bit will give you decent compression, and will flow better than the stock 302 heads, especially if you have the shop mill out the bumps in the exhaust ports. A Dual plane intake such as the performer, and a 600 holley 4bbl carb will work well, along with...
  6. 427 Carnage :^(

    Stroker Engines
    oh man.. that's awful. What rpm were you spinning it?
  7. "332" stroker 302

    Stroker Engines
    p.s. To better contain the power, I am planning on a 4 link backhalf, widening of the stock wells, and running some really fat drag radials. I figure with another 60-80hp and hooking a lot better, I might have a low 10 second street car, all motor, on pump gas.
  8. "332" stroker 302

    Stroker Engines
    The popular term for a 3.25" stroke x 4.030" bore 302 motor seems to be a 331. It actually displaces 329 cubic inches. ( 3.14 x 4.030 x 3.25 x 8 ) But Ford never made a 331, so it sounds and looks awkward. Ford did, however, make a 332 FE, a long time ago. So calling my motor a 332", naturally...
1-8 of 8 Results