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General Information

Galaxie "Custom 500"
"T" Code Exterior Color : Cady Apple Red
Factory 390 Cubic Inch FE Engine with Factory 4-speed Toploader
My name is Derrick and this is my first Hot rod. I am the proud owner of this 1966 Ford Galaxie "Custom 500" model.

My car doesn't have a real history other than me being the 3rd owner, however it has a new history of friends and family helping me restore my ford back to its former glory to be used and enjoyed whether racing it down the dragstrip or cruising to the local car meet.

My ford is a rare 2-door post sedan with a factory "Z" code FE 390 cubic inch engine with a single 4 barrel Carburator and a factory 4-speed toploader manual transmission.

I want to thank Al Banome, a great friend, for building my motor. My Aunt Paula and Uncle Joe Nappi for all their help and work in getting my Ford street/strip ready! Eric at J&B performance and C&F race cars for all the help they have given me.
1966 Ford Galaxie "Custom 500" ("T" Code Exterior Color : Cady Apple Red)


What we have under the hood is a whole lot of Ford POWER!! This is a Super tuned ford Fe 390 engine bored 0.30 over - Edelbrok Aluminum heads and Intake - 750 Holly double pumper - Adjustable Rocker arms - Solid lifter Cam from Comp cams - MSD Distrubutor with MSD 2 step Rev limiter-Sanderson "shorty" Headers -Griffin (stock fit) Aluminum Race Radiator - Holman Moody Valve Covers...Enough SAID!!!!!!!

***Special thanks to my good friend lil big AL who blue printed and built my motor with his long hours of hard work and experience.***
The interior is completely stock with the exception of the triple sun-pro gauge and the sun-pro tack and shift light. This is a factory 4 speed toploader however the stock shift knob was originally a round gear shift knob. I however up-graded to a hurst T-handle shifter with built in hurst roll control(line-lock) push button.

What's even more impressive are the factory Red Rosette Vinyl bench Seats and Red Vinyl trim.
Some modifications I improved on was the removing of the stock hood and steel front and rear bumpers and adding the period correct Tear drop hood made of fiberglass along with the adding of fiberglass front and rear bumpers.

Also with the help from my uncle joe we up-graded from manual drum brakes all around to a front bolt on disc brake kit with a dual master cylinder from strange for better stopping power.
As far as suspension goes in order to make clearance for the bolt on disc brake kit my uncle and I fabricated a taller aluminum spacer to make clarence for the factory sway-bar so it doesn't make contact with the calipers.

For rear suspension we are planning to install AFCO double adjustable racing shocks for better traction for drag racing.

Coming soon will be the removal of the stock upper and lower control arms. They will be replaced with Rear Lower Control Arms - Tubular Adjustable with Polyurethane Bushings ,Rear Upper Control Arm - Tubular Adjustable with Polyurethane Bushings from Spohn Performance. C&F and race cars will be installing them along with a drive shaft loop and bracing of the rear end for better traction and support for drag racing...

**** Pictures Soon to come when my ford gets back from the speed shop***
Wheel and Tire
Currently I am using the stock steel ford rim 15x5 painted red with poverty hub-caps on a 255/70/R15 in the rear to cut the rear down while driving on the street (Strange TRU TRAC 4:30 gears) and in the front im using a 205/70/R15 in the front.

I plan by this spring to be changing from factory steel wheels to cragar eliminators mags all around soon.



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