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Fairlane 550
may be some in the back seat if I have been shopping
In early Feburary of 2018 my son and I were eating a BBQ lunch in Dade City for a mid day break. My boss was dog sitting a friends dog in Bradenton FL. She spotted Blue in the driveway of a house as she walked passed. Striking up a conversation with the man his wife came out and said it was for sale for a couple of grand. She gave me call and said "You need to look at this old Ford, its nice and its cheap".
We drove to Bradenton to take a look. The old girl didn't look to bad. We had no time or battery to play with it, and my son had to be to work in about two hours, so we made arrangements to look at her next weekend.
WE went back the next week end and installed a battery. She spun right over with no knock. After tracing no spark to a bad coil wire, we tried some gas poured down the carb. It ran for two seconds then would die. we agreed on a price of 2300 for it the way it sat.
On 2/19/2018 it sits in my yard instead of his garage
1964 Ford Fairlane 550 (Blue)


New fuel pump, new distributor, new coil,radiator, carb kit. going to be some other stuff as I get the time and money.
Need to get some work done. Its all there but when ya sit in the seat you drop like a rock off a cliff. Need to fix hole in passenger floor board before somebody falls out.
I washed and buffed the paint, shined up the old chrome and shiny stuff with some Mothers product. I kind of like Patina
Original AM that don't work. At least the parts are still there.
Ya its old, and need some work. There is nothing life threatening going on for now. I am going to drive it for a while.
Wheel and Tire
Some used tires I had sitting around the yard, It still had some dry rotted G78 14 mismatched biased ply's on there when we towed it home.



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