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General Information

Gallaxie 500
Originally Baffin Blue, but going back Oxford Blue
AM radio, clock and back-up lights
I bought the car in 96 from the second owner. The car was bought new at Yarber Ford in Belmont, MS in 62 by Albert Blanton. When Mr. Blanton died in 1975 the car sat. It was started occasionally by his family, but mostly just sitting until Mrs. Blanton died in 1995. A local upholsterer bought the car for his 16 year old son to drive. It was severely abused and left to die. When he finally destroyed the transmission he put it up for sale. I bought the car for $250.00 and had it towed home. After replacing the harmonic balancer and having a transmission built, I drove the car fairly regularly until 2001. Then I let the car sit and almost die, It sat from 2001 until 2008 in a sad, dilapidated state. I started working on it steadily and have made some progress on it up until now. The steering, suspension and brakes are all new. There is a 390 built to power it and a 5 speed transmission to make it more fun to drive.
1962 Ford Gallaxie 500 (Originally Baffin Blue, but going back Oxford Blue)


A .060 over 390 with an Edelbrock cam and a 670 Holley Street Avenger. It will have ceramic coated Sanderson headers and dual exhaust.
The interior will be all stock with the exception of factory A/C that I will be installing.
The car will have most of the trim removed with the exception of the long stainless piece that runs the length of the car. The car is a 62A body style, but will look like a 62B when I am finished.
I guess this will be me singing along to the sound of two glasspacks.
All rebuilt factory with 1 coil cut out of the front springs and 2" lowering blocks in the rear. The front brakes are from a 1978 Thunderbird. The steering is power rack&pinion.
Wheel and Tire
15" black steel wheels with Spider caps and narrow white walls.



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