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General Information

Will be white with pearl plum purple
Just picked up my project car on June 29, 2013!

Going to be a frame-off restocustom rod.
1956 Ford Fairlane (Will be white with pearl plum purple)


Y-Block was gone when I bought her. A 351W w/C4 in it's place. 351 is being stroked out to 393 with SCAT forged crank, Eagle rods, AFR 185-205cc heads, MSD ignition, modded 750 carb, Spectre twin air cleaner and RPM intake. Cam and pistons TBD. Aluminum radiator. Headers to either straight lake pipes or MagnaFlow mufflers with electric dampers to direct exhaust flow.

Mated to a lightened and balanced flywheel in a bulletproof bell housing, cable actuated clutch and a Richmond 5-sp with Hurst V-gate shifter that may be swapped for a Hurst 5-sp H shifter to make street driving more pleasant.
Planning to use a '55 T-Bird steering wheel, '58-'60 T-Bird console and seats. Front buckets may be swapped for something with head restraints and better support in the twisties. All seats will be converted to 3-point seat belts. New custom gauges. White with pearl plum purple interior. Undecided if I'll add A/C.
Exterior mods will be minor, actually putting all the door handles, emblems and ornaments back on the car. NuVue spot light side view mirrors. Mild Tunneling of the headlights and '55 Merc Wagon tail lights. Custom Fairlane emblem front quarter panel marker/turn lights.

A '55 T-Bird style hood scoop is planned along with a custom grill and custom bumpers, but it will be all Ford, Merc, Lincoln parts. No GM, No Mopar.
Nothing extravagant planned.
Mustang II with coil overs and manual rack in front. Triangulated 4-link coil overs in the rear on a Moser stuffed 8.8 solid axle. She will be lowered 2-3" and tubbed slightly in the rear to clear wider meats.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels are undecided, looking at Team III's AC III, LT III, Classic V or similar wheels from other manufacturers. All as cast with knock-offs in either 15/17 staggered, 17s at all four corners, or 17/18 staggered sizes. I may add purple highlights and white pin stripe on the wheels if the design is compatible with it such as the AC III. LT III is my top choice at the moment.



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