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baby blue, sort of.
Bought it in December 2010. It runs well and just needs some minor cosmetics.
1962 Ford Galaxie (baby blue, sort of.)



Nothing special but it sounds and runs good.

The car is running dual exhaust through a pair of Porter mufflers. Porters are like a glass pack. Instead of having a louvered tube and glass inside, Porters use a large spring inside and are packed with stainless steel wool. They have a great rasp and excellent tone.

The mufflers are pushed far forward, at the tranny. This gives the motor more pipe behind the muffler and allows for a pretty classic sounding hot rod tone.

I've run a set of bell flowers out the back which look great.
Trim code 32, blue and white pleated bench seats from the factory.

I added buckets, console and a nice new carpet. The rear seat is going to use a '63 fastback rear seat and package tray. I like this look a bit more then the bland seat used in '62.

I'm going to eventually get around to redoing the door panels. I'd like to leave these stock XL if i can find a replacement.
Originally a Baffin Blue car. The car had a frame off restoration in what I would guess was the late 80s or early 90s.

Now the car has a custom baby blue stripe down the side. I think I'll get rid of that when I repaint the car.

I've buffed the paint out until I get around to a repaint. The general plan is to shoot the car whembleton white with a dark blue metalic top. I'd like to also try my hand at lacing the paint on the roof.
Does an AM radio count as entertainment?

I hope so because the other form of entertainment came in the form of about 20,000,000 ants which with the hand of my trusty shop-vac I relocated.
Gabriel (I think) coil overs in the rear, not sure about the front. ride is stiff and feels good for a car this big/heavy.

I'm going to take a coil out of the front springs which should drop the front ~2"

The rear is going to have 2" lowering blocks. The overall stance will be ever so slightly lower in the front then the back. A lot of guys make these tail draggers, I'm not a fan of that look.
Wheel and Tire
Old school torque thrusts



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