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General Information

Mustang GT
65' Rangoon Red
Purchased for $200 in 1978 with a locked up 351w and no transmission. Restored and painted in 1982 by myself. Restored again and painted by myself in 2010.

I got interested in drag racing in 2007 and have since tailored my car in that direction, even though it is still street legal.

Stick Class Track Champion in 2010.

Best ET to date is [email protected]
1965 Ford Mustang GT (65' Rangoon Red)


428w with AFR 205 heads. 11.1:1 compression. Holley 950 HP carb, Victor Junior intake, FTI hydraulic roller cam with 1.6 roller rockers. Accufab 1 3/4" headers with 3" dynomax race bullets at the track, dynomax turbos for the street. No power adders.

Aluminum flywheel, custom Hyatt racing clutch in a Lakewood scattershield, wide ratio owner built big block faceplated toploader 4 speed transmission, and Hurst shifter with stock shifter handle.

Rear end is a narrowed 57' Ford 9" fitted with 4.33 gears, and a spool in a Strange nodular case with a Daytona support. 33 spline Moser axles.
Full interior, roll bar, and 3" safety harness. Rollerized brake support. Autometer tach with driveshaft RPM feedback. Battery mounted in trunk.
Rangoon Red with 67' style Shelby hood. Nova side mirrors, and antenna on rear. Mini tubbed for larger tires.
The sweet sound of the engine being shifted at 6600 RPM's under full throttle is my favorite in-car entertainment.
The front suspension has Moog 8088 6 cylinder coil springs, Rancho 90/10 shocks, roller spring perches, Caltrac adjustable strut rods, and no front sway bar. Factory 4 piston disc brakes.

The rear suspension has Caltracs, mono leaf springs, and Rancho 9 way adjustable shocks. The car has a Crites leaf spring location kit and has been mini-tubbed to fit wider and taller tires in the rear. Mustang drum brakes.
Wheel and Tire
10x15" Magnum 500 wheels on rear with 28x10.5" drag slicks. Front has 5.5" Magnum 500's.



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Love me a hot rod first gen mustang. Big motor, stick shift, tubs, spool. What more could you ask for? Nice work!