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Falcon Futura
Wimbleton White w/ light blue stripe
Pro Street (sort of)
Bought car from second owner here in SoCal. Car was in unrestored original condition including the wire wheel hub caps. It was a 289 V8 with auto trans and originally a bench seat. Since purchasing it I've done a 9-inch swap (and then narrowed it), mini-tub and had the trans rebuilt. It's got a pretty strong 347 stroker I built and I did a full restoration on the interior.
1965 Ford Falcon Futura (Wimbleton White w/ light blue stripe)


A Coast High Performance Pro Street 347 stroker short block with Probe pistons (10.8:1 compression w/-4cc pistons), RPM forged steel crank and H Beam rods. I finished it up with AFR 185 Outlaw Street heads, Scorpion roller rockers, Performer RPM intake, 750 Proform DP carb, Comp Cams XE roller cam (224/232 duration @ .050 and .555/.565 lift) and Hooker Super Comp headers. The ignition system is a Pertronix Ignitor III with a Flame-Thrower III coil. It has a built-in rev limiter and multi-spark ignition. The latest addition is a Spectre ram air system.

The transmission is a modified C4. It's got all the good stuff like Alto Red clutches, specially hardened parts and heavy duty everything and is cooled by a B&M trans cooler. The converter is a 10" TCI Street Fighter 3000 stall connected to a TCI flexplate.

The exhaust is a 2.5" stainless steel system and features an X-pipe (with cut-outs) and DT stainless steel mufflers that dump in front of the rear axle.
I installed all new reproduction interior in black, had the dash re-chromed (at Dearborn Classics) and added a custom center console. I also added new shoulder harnesses to the front and four point harnesses to the rear seats for passenger safety. I think the only thing inside that isn't new is the headliner and it's in great condition.
Other than some new reproduction emblems and new chrome goodies and it's all stock original. The car was originally light green (Ivy Green) but the previous owner repainted it white with a dark green stripe. I later changed the side stripe to light blue. One day I'll have the grill, taillight buckets and a few other pieces plated or polished and maybe new paint someday too.
Not much other than a JVC AM/FM/CD stereo mounted under the dash and some Rockford-Fosgate speakers. It's there but you can't really hear it when the engines running so it never gets turned on. I'd rather hear the motor anyways!
The rearend is a narrowed 9-inch with 3.50 gears and a TracLoc. Currently it has Lakewood traction bars and KYB gas shocks.

On the front I've replaced the stock shock tower supports with some pretty slick pieces from Total Control Products and am running 90/10 drag shocks. I've also replaced the stock front sway bay with a 1" Global West unit. I know it sounds like a strange set-up but with 99% of my driving it on the street I wanted some handling too. It works pretty good actually.

It is also mini-tubbed with notched frame rails, a mid-frame cross member for added strength and front leaf spring attachments along with Global West sub-frame connectors.

The car also has 4 wheel disc brakes, the front being Stainless Steel Brake Co. (SSBC) conversion and the rear are from Currey along with their long stud rear axles.

I installed the 16 gal. foam filled fuel cell partially into the trunk to keep it from hanging down too low and still have a usable trunk. The battery is also relocated to the trunk and has a cut-off switch mounted on the rear panel to keep it legal at the drags.
Wheel and Tire
For tires/wheels I'm running 15x10 Cragar Super Stars with 295/50-15 BFG's and 15x4's with 165/80-15's up front. Once I wear the rears tires out I'm going with a Drag Radial in 275/50-15 and possibly a 15x8 wheel to give more clearance around the fenders.



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