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General Information

S-22 Fastback
Carnival Red
S-22, Seatbelt Delete, v8, 4 speed, Bought to be stripped & Raced.
1st owner was Sam McQuagg, he raced it until 65 when he totaled it. Parked it at a friend's junkyard. Last owners bought it & repaired the frame damage, got fenders & hood from a 62 Comet. The guy gave it to his daughter I think. She drove it during high school up until the 80s. Parked it. Then started restoring it for her son. Original 260 v8 block cracked so she dropped in a D Code 289 from a 64.5 Mustang. It's a 5 bolt 289 so the factory Borg Warner T10 bolted right back up perfect. Her son was killed and restoration stopped and car was parked under a car cover. Sat from 1999 to Oct. 1st 2011 when I brought it home. Had it running 11 months later.
1963 Mercury S-22 Fastback (Carnival Red)


1964 1/2 Mustang D Code 289 Factory 4 Barrel. Added a temporary obsolete Holley Contender 302/289 Intake, used Edelbrock 600cfm manual choke carb. 1 Wire Alternator conversion, battery might be moved to the trunk (alternator sits lower than generator did and interferes with the rigged up tray that was RIVETED into the fenders).

Later On: Weind Stealth intake, Demon Carb. HEI Distributor,
Red interior, Bucket Seats with center Console, Rare Dash Pad (ripped it out thinking I could buy a repop, found out they don't make repops for Comets). White Headliner, only 1 rear seat belt that runs across the whole seat.
Fastback roofline (not a Coupe or Sedan), Carnival Red paint.
Plan on painting it a Charcoal Flat Black. Cheaper than gloss and easier to maintain. It'll give it a stealthy look.
8 Track - Single Speaker, Glasspack Thrush Mufflers!! Windows are only up in the rain.
Welded back together from a crash in 1965, totally stock, tow hooks added by 1st owner for racing I guess, they don't look stock.
Wheel and Tire
Planning on maybe between 14" to 16" black 5 spoke wheels with the chrome outer lip with black wall tires. Kinda like Torq Thrust but a more modern look. If that doesn't work out, Chrome Cragar SS with White Letter Tires.



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