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Got the 46 Stylemaster and almost axed the family at a redlight I could not stop for. Traded for a 74 Nova set up for 1/8 mile. Lots of fabrication on it. Sold the Nova. Moved to El Paso and bought the 47 Pontiac for 2K. Ran but the idiot that did the work did not do a good job. Hacked the frame all to hell and used flat stock for motor mounts. Traded for the 75 Camaro. Put new interior sans the door panels and got bored. Sold it. Note all these could never drive legally. Bought the 67 Galaxie. Might be the one.
1947 Chevy/Pontiac


95 dodge ram. Actually a 99 but someone did some good chopping on this one. 127,000 miles. 11.5 mpg. SOLD IT. Not sure what the other pic is from it is just funny as hell. Figured while you are in here looking around you might as well have a chuckle or two. I am still laughing when I see it.
2001 Corvette Convertible. 46,000 miles. Breaks regularly and is expensive as hell. Beautiful car but will never own another vette later than 75.
I have had many more just do not have pics. They are as follows....I am sure there are many more I forgot about. Had a 10 year break due to marriage. She finally came around!!! 69 Firebird, 65 Comet Caliente, 67 Cougar XR-7, 63 Impala 2dr Hdtp, 66 Impala 2Dr Hdtp, 79 F-150, 73 F-150, 65 F-100, 82 Camaro, 84 Corvette, 54 GMC, 52 Chevy



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