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General Information

Torino GT
Diamond Blue orig. currently Red
2 Dr Hardtop, factory AC, pwr brakes, power steering
I bought the car early this summer (12) and began my first project car. The cars solid it came from Tennesse so it hadnt seen the Michigan winters, the car has zero rust on it, its a complete car I can drive it as I go along. some stuff has been removed before I got the car. the AC, Heat, and pwr steering have all been removed. after looking over the car I with help of some others have determined that the car really does only have 29k on it. so why the ac and pwr steering have been removed its still unknown to me the only thing I can think of is maybe it was in the process of being converted to a drag car but with no upgrades to suspension and motor it dosnt make too much sense. the really cool part about the car is that according to the marti reports its a 1 of 1 given its paint and facotry options. Not a bad first project car plan on turning it into a resto-mod more of a street car.
1968 Ford Torino GT (Diamond Blue orig. currently Red)


it has a 302 with 29k on it all numbers matching to the rest of the car. i plan on porting the factory heads and doing a valve job so I dont need the lead additive. has facotry 2bbl carb on it planning to put a 4bbl and different intake on to give it a little more hp. also puting full lenght headers on it with straight pipes out the back.
has the floor shifter for the c4 auto in it with the console, bucket seats are in excellent shape the black vinal is not ripped and all the levers and tracks work. also has the deluxe seat belts.
it needs paint vin code says it was Diamond Blue but the car has been painted red at some point so ill be painting it back to original hopefully this winter
it needs a radio and speekers but im just putting it back to stock inside the car.
this is a big question in terms of what I plan to do to it, outside of putting new ball joints and tie rods in the front im not really experianced with what i may be able to do im planning on turning it into a street car one that I can drive and show but not beat on at the strip. id like to upgrade the 8in rear end to posi and ive got a kit to raise the rear of the car 4in to give a mean stance.
Wheel and Tire
ive got brand new 245/60 in the rear and 225/60 in the front. car came with mag 500 wheels so thats whats on the car now i like the look and plan to keep it this way



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