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  1. Fairlane
    Im sorry for just posting and running but hoping someone here can help find a new home for my 58 fairlane 500. Check out this item on OfferUp. Its obo and i just want it to hopefully go to someone who would love it better than im able to at this time in my...
    $10,000 USD
  2. Fairlane Pages
    Hoping the group can help me here. I bought a 58 Custom 300 about a year ago. It’s got a stock 292 with the original cruise-o-matic auto trans. I’ve done a ton of things to it and it’s a great driver. The engine runs good but does indeed need a valve job but it does have 40+ oil pressure. I also...
  3. Body and Exterior
    Hey everybody, I made some new tailgate latch strikers for my ranchero and I made some extras. They are cast out of potmetal just like the originals. They don't have the wear and tear that most of the originals have. Let me know if interested.
1-3 of 3 Results