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  1. Engine Articles
    Looking to get some chrome headers for a decent price. Anybody know what will fit, and where I could buy them? Links or anything other Info is much appreciated!!
  2. Falcon Pages
    Hi Everyone, I have a '60 Falcon Wagon that I'm ready to get started on. My last project was a '68 Mustang restomod built to a Trans-Am race car theme. For the Falcon Wagon I've got the following plans: - Heidt's Mustang II front end with manual R&P - EPAS steering - 331 stroker - 8.8" rear...
  3. Falcon Pages
    its time for a new carb on my 60 falcon straight 6 144 it currently has a single barrel holley but i cant seem to find any more of those. any suggestions on what to replace it with?
  4. Falcon
    I want $500 for the car and/or will part out. I have added a link to pics. you can email me at Oliversdaddy at hotmail dot com. The car will start (see video in pic album) not road worthy and does not have a title. Ask questions please. 1961 Ford Falcon pictures by hofs01 - Photobucket...
1-4 of 4 Results