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  1. 63 trunk pan in a 64?

    Galaxie Pages
    My 64 hardtop needs a trunk pan and I found a deal on a rust free pan out of a 63.5. Anyone know if it'll fit? I see there's different part#s in the catalogs but that could be because of an extra drain hole or ribbing which wont matter to me. Thanks
  2. *New Parts* - 1963 Ford Galaxie Trunk Gutters

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Trunk Gutter Set (3pcs) - LH - 1963 Ford Galaxie Part# 825-8963-LS Retail price: $169.99 Trunk Gutter Set (3pcs) - RH - 1963 Ford Galaxie Part# 825-8963-RS Retail price: $169.99 Reproduction 3 piece trunk gutter sets for the 1963 Ford Galaxie. These pieces attach to the...
  3. Cross Rail Brace - Rear - 63 Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Cross Rail Brace - Rear - 63 Galaxie Part# 871-8963 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction rear cross rail brace for the 1963 Ford Galaxie. Often badly rusted, bent or missing all together, this brace installs at the rear of the frame and sits just behind the back bumper. Each brace is...
  4. Trunk Floor Cross Brace - Rear - 61-64 Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Trunk Floor Cross Brace - Rear - 61-64 Galaxie Part# 870-8963 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction rear trunk floor cross brace for the 1961-64 Ford Galaxie. Made like OE, this cross brace welds to the bottom of the trunk floor, on the rear edge. Stamped from high quality OE gauge...
  5. Trunk Floor Brace Set - Front - 61-64 Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Trunk Floor Brace Set - Front - 61-64 Galaxie Part#870-8963-1 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction front trunk floor braces for the 1961-64 Ford Galaxie. Made like OE, these braces weld to the bottom of the trunk floor and provides the front mounting points for the gas tank straps...
  6. Trunk Floor - OE Style w/ Braces - 61-63 Galaxie; Monterey

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Trunk Floor - OE Style w/ Braces - 61-63 Galaxie; Monterey Part# 800-8963 Retail: $599.99 Reproduction OE style trunk floor with braces for the 1961-63 Ford Galaxie & Mercury Monterey. Made on our exclusive new tools, each trunk floor is stamped from high quality OE gauge...
  7. 1963 Galaxie Generator question

    All Ford Techboard
    I have recently purchased a 63 1/2 Galaxie 390 FE, and it appears the generator was possibly swapped at some point by the previous owner. The pulley stands proud of the other pulleys and the belt is at an angle. By the picture attached, can anyone tell me what this generator came off of, and...
  8. Newbie 1963 Futura convertible 260ci

    Falcon Pages
    Hi everyone, I'm Dani from Switzerland, I've just bought a 1963 Futura convertible, V8 with manual 4 speed tranny. The car is right now on its way to Switzerland should be over here in about 2 month. The car is 100% stock, been with the same family since 1963, no resto, no mods, just services...
  9. 1963 Galaxie Engine/Transmission Swap Questions

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all, My buddy has a 1963 Galaxie 500xl 4 door sedan with a 260v8 and 3 on the tree- no power steering or power brakes. The engine is tired, the clutch is bad and column shift is just terrible. I'm a big GM guy (Blasphemy!) Have a '64 Impala sedan appropriately hotrodded. In GM world...
  10. 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible

    Hello everyone, I'm selling my project Falcon 63 convertible for 2250 or best offer. Hopefully it finds a new home in which it can grow to its full potential. More details can be found in the Cincinnati Craigslist site. I would not recommend clicking on links so I'll let you do the look up...
  11. '63 Fairlane 500 color combos

    Fairlane Pages
    I have an originaly raven black '63 Fairlane with a red interior which I'm restoring. So I'm wondering what colors were available for the stripe along the side of it. Does anyone here have any knowledge of the paint schemes used?
  12. 390 aluminum heads

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Looking to buy a set of edelbrocks or equiv for my 63 390. I know its a long shot but if anyone has or knows of a set for sale other than brandy new I am in need of them.
  13. 1963 Galaxie Convertible with 460 Big Block

    $28,500 OBO 1963 CONVERTIBLE FORD GALAXIE 500 with BIG BLOCK 460 V-8 ENGINE Less than 500 miles on engine & body since rebuild. Over $43k invested Galaxie 500 August 2013 Slideshow by btsave | Photobucket Very subtle, classic look, not pimped out. Just the right strong stance. The body...
  14. 1963 marauder wiring help

    Galaxie Pages
    Anyone on here know what the second pin over on the to does. Mine is broken at the firewall but cut off on the other side of the plug. Also anyone know where the green wire black stripe bottom left goes too it has a plug/female but I can't find if and where it plugs into. It is a alternator...
  15. 1963 marauder battery dieing very fast

    Galaxie Pages
    Any suggestions would be great. Battery can be fully charged and if left hooked up its flat dead in 20 minutes. All interior lights are off headlights etc. Something major has to be drawing on this thing and I need suggestions. Have been told starter, alternator, but what could sucj that...
  16. 302 cylinder #1 spitting fuel?

    All Ford Techboard
    So I just bought a '63 Fairlane 500 with a 302 that won't run properly. I did a compression test and on the #1 cylinder it squirted fuel like a fountain. I also tried a few other things to try to determine what the problem is and I've come to the conclusion that the carb is broken in some way...
  17. 1963 front seat make offer or im scrapping it

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I have a front seat out of my marauder that has great tracks on it and will be throwing it away. If anyone wants it its yours. The vinyle will need recovered but the pattern for a galaxies would have been off anyway as its from a merc. Won't be holding it for to long like maybe another week...
  18. 1961-1969 Ford FE 390 Engine Parts

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    For sale is a bunch of original FoMoCo OEM Ford 390 parts. None of the parts are damaged unless otherwise noted. Note that there are enough parts for an entire date coded mid-August 1963 engine. Parts came out of a Galaxie but will also fit the Thunderbird (and many other applications). All...
  19. 1963 s55 seats with galaxie covers

    Galaxie Pages
    Anyone on here know if seat cover set for a 63 500xl fastback from Dearborn will work on my marauder? Does a galaxie have the carpeted square on the back of the front seat like my Marauder? Measures bout 12 or 10 by maybe 16? I'm thinking they are the exact same seats with maybe only different...
  20. Looking for 63 C3AE heads for a 427

    All, Looking for a early Feb date code set of head for a 1963 Galaxie. Thanks!