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  1. Interior Articles
    Are the bucket seat frames the same in a 1963 galaxie XL compared to a 1964 galaxie XL? If they are, is it possible for me to order new foam and new upholstery set for a 63 galaxie XL? Will it work on the 64 frames? Any information would be greatly appreciated, I have a 1963 1/2 Galaxie XL and...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    So, after hours of tinkering with no avail, I can't figure out what I did wrong or the correct way to set this up. I'm trying to swap out the stock generator for a 1g ford alternator I had got for cheap, so I bought what looked like an alternator bracket that would fit. And here I am with it all...
  3. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    i have a dashboard and windshield for a 64 galaxie custom 500. i would like to sell but dont know what to ask. havent seen any for sale on the internet. can someone tell me what its worth. it would be greatly appreciated. someone offered me $50. im pretty sure its worth alot more than that.
  4. Galaxie Pages
    I have a 64 Ford Galaxie 500 XL - 390 and want to convert from a generator to an alternator. Anyone know what brackets and 1 wire GM alternator to use? Also, I need advice on how to do this. Thanks. Mike
1-4 of 4 Results