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  1. Suspension Articles
    Hello, I’m new to this community, I have a 65 falcon with the original 170 inline 6 in it and I’ve had a 289 from 1965 taken out of a mustang fastback in my garage siting for some time still in very good condition my question is : for the i6 to v8 what suspension parts will I need to replace...
  2. Falcon Pages
    I got this car for my 16th birthday and was working on the restoration up until about my 18th birthday. I got about 85% of the way complete before I ran out of funds and time to finish it. Now, my family is moving across the country and I can't take it with me so I'm looking for someone who's in...
  3. Ranchero Pages
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to help a friend out with his Dad's car. His father passed away last year and was always a car guy. Before passing, he sold off all of his collection, but still had this '65 Ranchero left. My friend has no idea what a correct value for this car is and though I love...
  4. Falcon Pages
    So I have a 1965 Falcon 2dr with a 170 I6. I have a decided to swap a 351w from a 93 Bronco (converted back to Carb). I'm a little confused about what bell housing I need since I have 164t flywheel. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Wanted
    looking for a front bench seat for a 1965 falcon Lompoc, Ca Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results