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  1. C4 Transmissions
    Hello everybody! Yesterday when i started up my 1966 ford fairlane the reverse wouldn't work after moving 15 feet it just stopped while doing a Y turn. I decided to trouble shoot, The trans fluid was good, the linkages were all nice and hooked up good and the car worked in all three forward...
  2. C4 Transmissions
    What would I need to do to swap a c4 to a 4 speed toploader in a 1966 ford fairlane what modifications to the body would need to be done to do so? Is there brackets for the clutch pedal and would i have to modify the body at all? Thank You!
  3. Fairlane
    Up for AUCTION on July 11! Louisville, IL (2 hours east of St. Louis) Beautiful 66 Fairlane convertible. Blue with white top and blue interior. 289 4 speed. Great condition!
1-3 of 3 Results