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  1. Interior Articles
    Hello there everyone So I took the plunge and bought my first 1968 2 door Galaxie and super excited to start working on it. So I found a donor car 1966 4 door Galaxie, I'm going to use the frame to swap out because they are the same size. My question is are the bench seats compatible, could I...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    The brake proportion valve is currently leaking on my 1966 7 litre. I was wondering if there is a rebuild kit for it or if I have to get a replacement? If I need a replacement, can anyone suggest where to get a replacement?
  3. Galaxie Pages
    I have seen a few examples of 1966 4-speed top loader trans-boss stampings showing a vehicle VIN. The examples I have are for a ’66 Galaxie 500 and a 7-Litre and both came out of the Chicago (G) build plant. I was wondering if anyone has an example of other Ford build plants with the VIN...
  4. Galaxie Pages
    Hi everybody. Are there any good fit, long or short headers that will fit my 66' with 390 Z code and console automatic? I've searched the archives and couldn't find a definitive answer. Thanks, Lance. P.S. my understanding is that the frame is different on the convertibles and that is where...
  5. Galaxie Pages
    This '66 Ford Galaxie 7-Litre recently arrived in the shop for a resto... we're excited about working with the owner on an uncommon Muscle Car! This one will be an all-stock restoration, as the car has been in the same family since new! It's a very cool car. It's a pretty solid car, and...
  6. All Ford Techboard
    I have a problem. I have a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. It has a 352 engine factory motor and transmission. I don't know what size the transmission is. The problem, when I take the car out of park, it is in drive, no matter what gear you put it in, it is in drive, except for park.. The selector on...
  7. Galaxie Pages
    I am buying a 460 from a 71 Lincoln that currently sits in a 79 cougar. My question is, will those motor mounts work for my 66 galaxie?
  8. Galaxie Pages
    I have historical docs for a 1966 Galaxie fastback if anyone is interested.
  9. Galaxie Pages
    This might be a stupid question but I've never changed drum brakes before. I put all the new shoes on and pressed the brakes with the drum off and only one shoe seems to move, is this how is suppose to be? I checked the other side and that I did not change and it did the same. I just bought the...
  10. Galaxie Pages
    Well it seems now has fiberglass fenders for 66 galaxie. Has anyone used these? I'm curious if I order some if they will just bolt up and look good? If anyone has used these I would be curious how they looked.
  11. Galaxie Pages
    Has anyone bought fiberglass fenders from I have a 66 galaxie and they look pretty promising.
  12. Galaxie Pages
    Hey guys, does anyone know where I can find this metal bracket for my convertible? It's broken in half and thought it might be easier to find a new/used part as apposed to having it welded.
  13. Galaxie Pages
    My 66 is all set to go on the wiring except the brakes. I bought a new brake light switch but that doesn't seem to be working. Am I right in assuming if I jump the two wires to to the brake light switch the brakes should light up? I followed the green/ red wire and that is hooked up right but...
  14. Galaxie Pages
    Hey guys, I have made great strides getting my 66 wired correctly. I'm down to getting the reverse lights setup. I'm not sure what's wrong, everything seems to be hooked up correctly. I see in my wiring diagram there is a reverse light switch, could this be the issue? If it is I can't find it...
  15. Galaxie Pages
    I found a 79 cougar that I was told is a posi and nine inch rear end. How can I tell if it is a nine inch and will it fit a 66 galaxie?
  16. Galaxie Pages
    Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out some of my wiring issues with my new 66 galaxie convertible. First I had an issue charging, this turned out to have wrong wiring to the voltage regulator (green/red wire and Black/gold). This is fixed now I have a couple questions and hopefully someone can...
1-16 of 16 Results