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  1. Thunderbird Pages
    My ‘67 tbird, is missing most vacuum lines in the engine bay. I can’t seem to find a “cheat sheet” so to speak, online. I also have had no luck with finding one in any junk yards to see which line goes where, also having carburetor issues. The one on it is a 4bbl 650 holley. List-6231 its a...
  2. Thunderbird Pages
    Hey all, new to the site. My late father in law was an avid Thunderbird fan and at the time of his passing last November he was the proud owner of a 1958, 67, 79, 87, and 04 T-Birds. My wife and I are selling all the other birds but the 67. The 67 has been recently re-done (not by my father...
1-2 of 2 Results