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1967 xl

  1. Need help with 1967 Trunk pan..issues...

    Galaxie Pages
    Finally digging into the '67 XL.. Here's what I found out: Well, here goes: Does anyone have pics of the following for a Galaxie: 1966 XL/Custom/500 Trunk Pan 1967 XL/Custom/500 Trunk Pan 1967 Xl/500/Custom Trunk Pan 1968 XL/Custom/500 Trunk Pan I have a 1967 Galaxie 500 as a donor car. I...
  2. Side pipes on a '67 XL?

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    I am entertaining a random thought to put Cobra style exhaust-side pipes with heat shields on a '67 Galaxie Xl. Does anyone have any experience or has anyone seen one with this done? Good or bad mod? Functional yes, but looks? Hassle? Open to input from the family :-)
  3. New Performance rotors fro '67 Galaxie Xl w/ front discs

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    Here is the page I found. I think these with my new K/H calipers and ceramic pads will work very nice. Any input from my fellow Ford lovers? Premium Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors