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  1. Anyone know of any reason why the Shelby Drop would be a problem on a 1968 Mercury Montego MX Convertible?

    Torino Pages
    First, the reason why this is posted here is because they say the Montego is just the Mercury version of the Ford Torino. And second, if there are no special problems presented to the Montego with the 1" straight down drop, how many people weld up the original holes? Third, how thick is the...
  2. 1968 Mustang engine swap

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi everyone, so I am fairly new in working on cars but I have many friends who are very into it and it has made me want to start getting into it myself. I am considering buying a 68 mustang that has a 200 inline 6 in it with a 3 speed. If I am to buy it I would want to put a 302 in it and a 4...
  3. 1968 Montego steering and heater questions

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone with more expertise can help me with the following questions. Picture 1 - Steering Box and Column. The left arrow points to the steering box refill opening. I found the box completely full to the top of a black waxy grease. I'm assuming they packed it at...
  4. 1967-1969 Ford/Mercury 390/428 Heads & Fan

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    A few parts I have laying around. Make me an offer. Items are available for pickup in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 1968-1969 390/428 Heads $250 (+90 shipping): C8AE-H, 8J5/8J7 (September 5 & 7, 1968), date-matched set, still have valves installed, 8-bolt exhaust pattern. 1967-1969 390/428 Fan $50...
  5. 1968 Ford Fairlane Door Linkage Problem?

    Fairlane Pages
    I was trying to help a neighbor get into a 1968 ford fairlane that he was trying to clean up. It was sitting for 5 years and opened 2 months ago but today when we tried to get in the lock turned and clicked so it unlocked but when we tried to open the door it wouldn't open. Is there any way to...
  6. 1961-1969 Ford FE 390 Engine Parts

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    For sale is a bunch of original FoMoCo OEM Ford 390 parts. None of the parts are damaged unless otherwise noted. Note that there are enough parts for an entire date coded mid-August 1963 engine. Parts came out of a Galaxie but will also fit the Thunderbird (and many other applications). All...
  7. 68 Mustang

    All Ford Techboard
    i'm rebuilding a 68 stang and i'm trying to upgrade the engine as much as possible. i have a i6 200ci engine. I was planning on decking the head but i'm curious how much. i'm planning on doin oversize valves and flat top pistons so i need an idea how much i can shave off. If anyone knows the...
  8. 68 Galaxie XL parts needed

    Galaxie Pages
    I need all of the emblems for the exterior of the car. I have looked everywhere for these and have come up with nothing. I also am looking for the original hub caps and a single hash mark. Any help would be appreciated. Please email me. - [email protected]
  9. help needed

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I'm looking at buying a 1968 mustang in Ottawa Canada. There is one for sale close to my location. I'm interested in making like Bullet being a close to the same as possible. what would 1 be worth and there is one for sale different and would require some cash to make it into what I'm after...
  10. Speaker Grill

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi, I've been following this forum for a long time, but have never registered or posted. I've exhausted all the sources I can think of, so it was time to post. I have a 1967 Galaxie XL Convertible and have been trying to find a L/R speaker grill. I know they are hard to come by, because they are...