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  1. Torino Pages
    I have sad news to report - the 1972 Gran Torino 2DR brougham that was passed down to me from my father (which was bough new back in 72), was broken in to, and someone attempted to torch the interior. It's pathetic to know that someone with no heart can do this. I was apparently the 25th car to...
  2. Torino Pages
    So my front spindles have the bottom ball joints seized in and there is no getting it out... I need to find some. Any suggestions new or used or even other cars that will work doesn't matter.
  3. Torino
    It needs new front spindles, a front seat and an engine and trans. I have the engine and trans if I get a good enough offer they come too. It's a 429 with a c6 trans. I was in the process of rebuilding it, but being in the military I am having to get rid of the car. I'll sell just parts or the...
  4. Torino Pages
    Hey guys I am losing the house and sadly that means the car has to go as well. I'm keeping the engine and trans, but everything else is fair game. Send me requests or take the whole thing. It has all the body panels, dash, lights, wiring harness, alternator and ect. No seats.
  5. Torino Pages
    Ok lets try this again. I have a 72 gran torino Q code sport notch back that for the right offer I might sell. I have two projects I have to finish before I can start on this car and I really want one to drive now so I will let it go to help fund the new one. This car was registered to the...
1-5 of 5 Results