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  1. vacuum lines for carburetor

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 65 ford falcon with a 200 CI straight 6 (not original engine) with a single barrell carb. The engine looks as it came out of a late 70's fairmont from looking at the casting numbers. Im having trouble figuring out where all the vacuum lines are supposed to go. The previous owner had...
  2. t5 whine under acceleration

    All Ford Techboard
    Car is a 65 fairlane converted to t5. Before the conversion I didn't have the whining noise so I believe its either the trans or TOB. I'm thinking I might of adjusted the clutch fork to where the TOB is siting on the fingers on the pressure plate (know that's wrong) I'm hoping that's it, but...
  3. Need to know what I'm going to have to change to make my C4 work

    C4 Transmissions
    Ok, so here is the deal, my wife saw a 79' Futura that she wanted that was in fair condition. It was owned by a 88 year old man who was the second owner and it only had 54k on it. Needless to say I paid the man and trailered it home and have been piecing it together since then. After a tune up...
  4. 65 200 ci mustang fair lane spindle??

    All Ford Techboard
    Just wonder if a 65 mustang and 65 fairlane spindle are the same from a 200 ci I6?? Can you interchange them?? Help help help
  5. Question re Manual Transmissions

    C4 Transmissions
    I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Futura 200 inline six Now the question. . . What type of manual transmission is a 4 on the floor w/ overdrive? (i.e. C4, C5, C6)
  6. Locking up in Full Throttle

    C4 Transmissions
    I have a '67 Mustang Coupe i bought recently. She was okay but know were starting to have some problems. When i hit the pedal a little to fast it drops to the floor and is stuck in full throttle until i shift to neutral. it has a straight 6 200 engine (automatic). i dont know if it is the engine...