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  1. MX Transmission in a 1965 Mustang

    Transmission Articles
    Hey y’all, total newb here - I came across a MX Cruise-O-Matic, medium case and based on the tag it came off a F100 truck (PFB-A with C5MP casting). Is it possible to use this on a 289 I’m putting in on a 1965 Mustang, if I get the proper bell housing?
  2. 5 Bolt 289, NP435 4 Speed... How to?

    All Ford Techboard
    Thanks in advance for any help you might have... New not only to these forums, but Ford in general. Leaned over the weekend, the hard way, that Ford changed styles of bell housings in mid-64 on the small block motors. I have a 64, 289. All nicely rebuilt, assembled, painted and ready to go...
  3. 66 289 engine

    Rebuilt 66 289 engine pulled from my Fairlane a few years back to replace with a roller cam 302. Ran very well, no leaks, no smoke. The engine was rebuilt as part of an amateur restoration shortly before I purchased the car. I had intended to run the engine in the Fairlane after I repaired...
  4. Violating federal law by putting 289 in my 04'?

    The Garage
    I am currently in the process of putting a 67' 289 in my 04' stang. Need an engine rebuild on the V6, and found out its alot cheaper to go with an older engine than upgrade to a 4.6. Anyway, so using a k-member, radiator, t-5, serpanine setup, and headers from a 95 cobra. To get the car legal...
  5. 1964 cruise o matic rear Main question

    Galaxie Pages
    My rear Main seal is leaking in my 64 Galaxie cruise-o-matic, the car has a 289, I will be renting a lift bay for this job. My question is will 4 hours at this lift bay be enough? I've never done this type of work and the guy helping out has never worked on the 289/cruise-o-matic but has done it...
  6. 1964 ford 289 bell housing FMX

    Galaxie Pages
    Im wondering if anyone has a 5 bolt bell housing for a fmx transmission that will fit a 64 289.
  7. C4 into 1964 Fairlane

    Fairlane Pages
    Hey all, I'm new to the forums so please go easy on me. I'm putting a 289 with a C4 into my '64. I'm completely in the dark about which motor mounts and crossmember mounts to use, as well as which crossmember would be the proper fit. I'm very much an amateur so if you have any advice aside...
  8. pre '65 ford 5 bolt motor 289 parts or whole

    750 for it all Parted prices negotiable Offers and questions email to [email protected]
  9. 1967 mustang coupe t5 transmission swap from automatic c4

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    So I am looking to swap in a t5 transmission into my 1967 mustang coupe and i have some questions for anyone who has previously delt with the swap. First, the pedal assembly. Can i just use my stock brake pedal and attach the clutch pedal? or do i need a whole new assembly/old one from another...
  10. 289 1965 Mustang engine rebuild

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hi Guys, pretty new to the entire field of engine rebuilding, though I've studied automotive technology. Since I'm planning on rebuilding my Mustang's 289 from scratch up, I was hoping to get some feedback here, since in Germany the world of V8-enthusiats as myself is rather small...
  11. 289 Problem please help!

    Galaxie Pages
    I have a 1966 Ford Galaxie with a 289 and back in August one night on my way home from work it started to have trouble running so the next day i went to see what the problem was but it wouldn't start so i took the 2bbl carb off and rebuilt and replaced fuel filters but it still didn't work so i...
  12. 65 convertable restoration.

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    my dad gave me a 65 convertible to restore. i am a car guy but ive neever restored. i have nearly finished bodywork and dont know where to go from here. any help? thanks
  13. 66 Galaxie 289 or 460

    Galaxie Pages
    Hey guys, my 66 has a 289 in it and I want to beef it up but I want a decent driver too. Would you suggest going to the 460? I have a lead on an engine with a c6 tranny. Not sure if I wanted to go to the 460 because of mpg but it seems people can do ok with proper parts and configuration. Any...
  14. Radiator swap '65 Galaxie

    Galaxie Pages
    So the time has come to change the radiator for my Galaxie, it's a '65 with a 289 2bbl in it, should I swap it for another, rebuild the current one or go to a bigger one since I live in the desert? Any valuable advice is much appreciated in advance. Key info- I eventually plan on still...
  15. 1967 "C" Code.. Will start Parting out soon.

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I've picked up a complet 1967 "C" coded car. Base model, manual drum brake and no a/c bench seat car. I am finally getting ready to do the serious work on my '67 XL "Z" code that I should have done 10 years ago. I will be Cutting it apart for the roof, ALL floor pans and some support braces. BUT...
  16. 1968 formal roof FOR SALE! $3000

    Torino Pages
    I have a 1968 fordd torino for saale. 289 runs great. 3 speed on the colmn shifts great! Onl thing car needs is brake bled and passenger window. Im located in polk county nc. I will not pay to ship this car $3000
  17. 289 carb questions

    All Ford Techboard
    ive never gotten into a carb before and dont really know where to start. Its a 67 galaxie 289 2 barrell. ran fine, sat for a while, now it starts and will idle and rev up in park, but in gear it wants to stall. i replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump, and the fuel filter. still stalls. the...
  18. 289 stumbling

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've posted as my '66 Galaxie was in storage half a continent away. It's back now and I've done a little bit of work to it since it's been back. Most notably I've put a new HEI distributor in it. Honestly I don't care if you would or wouldn't put the part in...
  19. Longer Valves than original?

    All Ford Techboard
    hello guys, im new here to the forum and have a question I have a 1965 fairlane 500 2dr. hardtop with a 289, my stock heads are really tired and pretty much beat, but i recently came across somebody selling a set of rebuilt heads with all new components (springs, seats, valves, stem seals...
  20. Forged Domed Pistons / 289 54 cc heads

    All Ford Techboard
    Who makes a forged domed piston that will fit the 54cc combustion chamber of the 289 cylinder head without modifications?